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Beauty Enhancers, Bosom Falsies

Updated on January 7, 2013
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Falsies - this term actually refers to the intimate garments that women wear.

So before the recent fashion craze falsies was a term given to the padding to which women fitted in or popped out of their clothes.

From all reports the padding was used to enhance the figure of young girls to fit into female clothing originally designed for a full grown woman's form.

Women are always trying to please men and from most reports a female body is good enough to attract a man. Yet we know historically that breasts are one of the most important features, because they define the differences in the sexes. Depending on the male that is where his eye gravitates to when he is talking to a woman.

It is also one of the physical features of the female body that most attracts the male gender from a young age.

There are many nick names for breasts, hooters, tah tahs, jugs, the girls, tits, boobs, boobies, melons, bust, knockers, and many more euphemisms as well.

They are also what signals that the female body is matured. Alerting us quite naturally that we are made for sustaining life through feeding infants.

A woman's curves, breasts, waist, hips and buttocks, make up the female shape.

Breasts have always proved to be the first obvious outward sign, alerting the world of the metamorphosis going on in the female child.


Falsies are still used in different ways to fill out dresses and such to be her most attractive.

Sexy or not

Original term, Padding

Recent reference for falsies are referred to as padding. Padding nowadays can take on many variations and can be made of various products.

Stuffing method Tissue paper, cloth, cotton, silicon gel.

Bras to achieve the look

Breast tissue

Breast parts

Falsies are for enhancement women use them and certain men use them for the breasts, hips and buttocks. But falsies are typically applied to the bust area of a woman.

Uses, falsies are used to fill out clothing. Putting the right amount of oomph to the right areas of a woman's body.

Style shapes are varied, but it's main job is to push up and show off or fill out the bosom area to it's best advantage.

Stuffed with foam, cotton, silicone and gel. These are the most popular.

There are any number of reasons women use falsies, but they all have to do will feeling their most beautiful!


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