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Cerave Moisturizing Cream Review

Updated on June 20, 2013

Cerave Moisturizing Cream Review

Over the past few months, Cerave Moisturizing Cream, has been receiving rave reviews from the beauty community. So, I just thought of having a look at it and find out what this cream is all about. Read on to know whether this is worth buying or not….


Cerave Moisturizing Cream

Why to Use This Cream?

If you want to your skin to be moisturized and hydrated at the same time then surely Cerave Cerave Moisturizing Cream will be good enough for you. Just a single application of this cream is known to leave your skin moisturized for the entire day. This for sure is one feature which will work in the benefit of those with excessively dry skin. The cream has also been tested clinically which further adds weight to it being a hydrating cream.



If your skin has suffered a breakout or is dull and dry then this moisturizing cream will be good for you to use. It is all the better suited to be used on your ankles, knees and elbows because in winters they tend to be more dry and rough. It is also known as the super hydrating cream.

The cream is also known to treat various skin diseases too like eczema and dry skin. So in a way it can be said to be a dual purpose cream. Though meant for all skin types, but it works best for the dry skin.

The unique technology being used in the development of this cream is “Patented Multivesicular Emulsion”. This technology helps in the release of ceramides which is a naturally occurring substance and is known to enhance the beauty of the skin as well as restore its lost properties.

Is It Worth Buying?

You can certainly make it a part of your daily routine care program to get the best results. Apart from being non irritating it is non greasy too which surely works all the more in its favor. Try it and don’t forget to share your experience with the cream on this hub.


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