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Beauty Product Reviews + Tips

Updated on April 7, 2016

Crimson Obsession- Splat Hair Dye

When I used Crimson Obsession by Splat I chose not to bleach my hair, as my hair color was already a golden, light blonde, but if you're hair is a light brown or a dark blonde I suggest that you at least lighten your hair up a little bit. Now, one thing I like about Splat, is that in their bottles they always put a bleach packet that you can use on you hair if you need to, so that's very helpful.

This dye will stain, so I suggest not wearing anything you want ruined, getting it dyed or doing the dye yourself where you wouldn't want it to stain. Also, if you get it on you, I have a trick at the end to get it off so don't worry.

I noticed that when I did use the dye, that it was very easy to put on, it smoothed out on my hair by itself without me having to put double the dye on just one spot to make sure i really got those couple of strands of hair. Another thing is that the dye will come out a dark, dark red, almost an ugly blackish-muddy red color, but it will get lighter after you wash it out.

Another thing, if you do choose to put it on a dark blonde or even medium dark brown hair, it'll probably turn out to be a very dark crimson red and it might even look dull so that's why I do suggest that you at least lighten your hair up a little bit so that you not only get a wonderful looking crimson red, but also a very shiny, and not dull color.

As soon as I put the dye on, I timed my wait for a full hour, and then waited it for times up. With this dye it seems like it just won't stop being rinsed from your hair, but that's normal. It takes about three days to a week for it to fully stop just coming out of your hair. You will also notice that your scalp is stained, which is normal as well, and although I couldn't get rid of that until I washed it some more, you will also probably have or notice that you can have the dye stained to your skin other than your scalp, which I have a trick to getting the excess dye that;s stained to your skin off.

Take some alcohol rub pads or put some alcohol on a rag (not the kind you drink, but the medical kind), and rub it thoroughly over where you are stained. Sometimes it'll completely remove the dye in places and then other's it'll just fade the color out some, but it will be gone with time.

Overall, Crimson Obsession by Splat turned out to be a lovely color, exactly the dark red I wanted, but a dark color with a bright shine. After about three or four months it started to fade and some of it turned a little bit brownish-red and some of it turned a little bit of redish-pink. The only thing I didn't like about it, is that even after dying my hair numerous colors, including black, after the color would fade, you could still see some red streaks from dying it red once. But red is one of the most hardest colors to get out, so that's understandable.

If you'd like me to try any kind of hair dye for you and then review it, I"ll be happy to! Just comment below and if you have any questions for me, I will try to answer ASAP.

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick

When using this lipstick I immediately noticed how hard it was to put it on, but after I had used it about twice, it started to smooth onto my lips better. This lipstick will stain on your lips, even after taking it off, you will probably notice that your lips are actually still tinted with color. Also, I wouldn't try using this lipstick as a moisturizer for your lips or try putting it on dry lips as the only thing it will do is go in the cracks, make it even more dry, and will be hard to put on.

The only thing I don't like about it, is that it's very easy to smear, which can be annoying, and because it stains, it will basically smear all over your mouth, if your not careful, and then stain there.

If you choose to wear it out, I suggest taking the lipstick with you, and make-up remover cloths, as that will be the only way to make sure it hasn't smeared everywhere, and for you to freshen up.


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