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All My Beauty Secrets

Updated on November 4, 2016

Beauty all starts on the inside and that's Beauty Secrets 101. Much of what is on the market for our 'beauty' is not fit for human consumption. Don't put it on your skin! It absorbs into your body.

You think in secret and it comes to pass,
Environment is but your looking
glass. --- James Allen

I don't use soap on my skin.

I don't use shampoo on my hair.

I don't use a conditioner.

I don't use deodorant/anti-perspirant

I don't use lotion on my skin.

I don't bathe in hot water..!

I don't give my age, either...

But I will tell you

I AM A GREAT GRAND MAMA.                         Photo 2003

Me and Dawn

I have a sister called Dawn... I say 'called' because that's her middle
name...first name Viola. She hates it.

But this isn't about my sister.
It's about the dishwashing liquid. This is just about the only 'soap' I buy.

Let's talk about soap scum. My most recent demo has been at Wal-Mart
demonstrating the new Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. Maybe you've
seen the ads on TV for it.

Now why would S.E. Johnson develop a shower
cleaner if there were not soap scum on the shower walls/tub enclosure? Hmmm? Has
it got you thinking yet? If there is soap scum on the shower walls, don't you
think there is soap scum on your (clean) body?

Lesson # 1


I do use a shot of Dawn in my bathwater. (I don't
have a shower.)

Over the years I have developed a facial cleanser from
ordinary food products. What I finally landed with for many years was something
I called Angel Frost, whose only ingredients was butter and powdered sugar. It
looked like frosting, and I later dubbed it Oil of Moo-lay.

I also
discovered this stuff had healing properties. Back in '89/'90, I owned a bar
(and grill) and one day I was trying to pry apart frozen chicken wings over the
hot grease. You guessed it. It let loose and splattered hot grease all over my

I immediately put Angel Frost ingredients (butter and sugar) on
it, but it did not stop the burning. I had my neighbor watch the bar, while I
ran to town for Aloe Vera gel. That stopped the burning (pain) immediately, but
after a couple days it was drying and pulling. I started using my Angel Frost in
addition to Aloe Vera, then just the Angel Frost. It kept the blisters and
damaged skin soft and supple, and today I do not have any scars.

If that
wasn't enough to convince me, nothing would have been. I continued to use this
as a cleanser...with a few detours to try this or that product... always coming
back to my Angel Frost...

However, I began hearing of the healing
properties in HONEY, and changed my Angel Frost about six months ago to become
Oil of Moo-lay (because Honey and Butter do not look like frosting...)

Angel Frost only had a shelf life of about a week. Oil of Moo-lay has an
indefinite shelf life. Honey does not spoil, and keeps the butter from becoming

To use, simply wet your face (skin) and smear Oil of Moo-lay over
it. Splash more water on and rub in gently. Then sponge off with a damp wash
cloth and let it dry. You may think it feels greasy, but not to worry, your
other beauty measures will over-ride this.

Now if you're done laughing, think again about leaving soap scum on your face. It draws your skin up 'tight'. You know that feeling, don't you? Well, soap leaves that layer on your skin so
that it cannot breathe, clogs the pores and creates problems...pimples,

Try Oil of Moo-lay today..!! It doesn't cost $17 a bottle..!!!!!

Never doubt yourself - too many others already do. ~ Tiana Dreymor

A Flick 'O My

Someone told me she had been badly burned by facial hair remover creams and that she was shaving them off.

Well, shaving is the worst thing she could do. Shaving over a period of time has a tendency to create coarser hairs.

As we age (women), we get a few hairs that come in coarser. These are usually very few. I tweeze those. However, I have eliminated some of them from coming back by my procedure. But we all get 'peach fuzz', and that's what I'm talking about eliminating with my procedure.

Let me say, first, I usually do not recommend this to anyone. You know, 'Don't try this at home..!!' But way back when, I, too, was 'burned' by facial hair remover creams. Never have I been burned by a flick o' my Bic.

Back in the 'olden days' (living in MN) I had an antique upright woodburning stove. Much like the potbelly, but it wasn't 'fat'. In order to get the wood in the stove you had to reach in and tilt it downward. I was forever singeing the hair off the back of my hands. It didn't hurt anything...except today I have very little hair on the back of my hands.

Well, one day, eons ago, I thought about that, as well as the fact we singe hair off chickens during the butchering/cleaning process... and related it to the hair on my face. So I took my Bic (lighter) and tried it out on my facial hair.

Yes, it's dangerous. But anybody that plays with fire _knows_ they could get burned. The
worst I've ever done was singe my eyelashes off..!!! and that's in at least 20

So, for what it's worth...that's the simplest, easiest and cheapest way to eliminate facial hair.

I've slowly been reversing the order of things. I bathe in cold water and flush
the toilet with hot water. --- Tiana Dreymor

Danger in a bottle

Make sure any lotion you are using... does not contain MAGNESIUM ALUMINUM

I was looking at a bottle of Lubriderm Skin Renewal that I had demoed and those words leaped off the label at me. I had stopped using anti-perspirants (not to mention certain foods) years ago because they contain aluminum. Not only do I not want this dangerous chemical in my body, I do not want it on my body, either. It will seep in through your pores..!!

I put it down and went and looked at the lotion I had been using, as face cream and body lotion, for the past 2 years... and lo and behold, it also contained magnesium aluminum silicate..!

I threw it out and started searching through my bath products to see what I might have I could use... What I found was a hair creme..!! I have been using this ever since. It is very smooth, very rich, very moisturizing, and very softening. And non-oily. ...and it does not contain aluminum.

The brand name is Soft Sheen-Carson Optimum Care Moisture Replenish Creme Hairdress.
I am so satisfied with the results, I have just purchased my second jar to use as moisturizer/body lotion. ...and ... I can use it on my hair.


As life will go... just as you discover something you like, it gets discontinued. When I could no longer get the Soft Sheen, I went looking for other hair oil/moisturisers and found what I still use today, BB Oil Moisturizer, Hair Lotion with Castor Oil and Aloe. (Bonner Brothers, Atlanta, GA)

The 'Delicate Eye Area'...

How often have we heard this? How much money have we spent on special ointments or serums for the delicate eye area?

Oh, please. The skin around the eyes is no more delicate than the skin on the back of your hand. Puffy eyes? I don't get puffy eyes. The trick is not to get puffy eyes to begin with. If you are consistent with your skin care regime you will not get puffy eyes regardless of how much/little sleep you get.

After I wash my face, using my Oil of Moolay...(Honey and Butter)... I exercise my face as I put on my special beauty cream...(SoftSheen-Carson ™ Optimum Care ® Moisture Replenish Creme Hairdress)...for 2.5 to 5 minutes (one or two songs on the radio)...using massaging and pressing against my finger techniques (resistance). I follow this with a thin layer of Aloe Vera jell. I then go on with my make-up.

Go ahead and laugh...but I'm the GREAT GRAND MAMA.

Vitamins Anyone?

Glad you asked...

I take individual vitamins, plus daily:

Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) - 25,000 I.U.
B Complex
Vitamin C - 2000 mg
Calcium - 1200 mg (usually w/Vit. D)
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E - 800 I.U.

Multi-Vitamin/Mineral - 2 daily tablets (This I've just changed to a Plus-50
formula which does not contain iron. Menopausal women (and men) are at a danger of getting
too much iron.)

Salmon Oil


I used to keep my vitamins in my
'cigarette drawer'. Since I was always looking for a new pack of cigs, I never
forgot the vitamins...
Fast forward... 9/9/99 I stopped 'buying'
cigarettes... for a couple years I had a dickens of a time remembering my
vitamins. Short of putting them on the table (which I've seen people do with
their meds...and I hate it), I finally devised a system of displaying them and

I put them in little fancy jelly glasses or similar
pretty bottles and set them on top of my microwave. The first thing I do every
morning is cook ground turkey for my dogs ($.79 lb at Aldi's - cheaper than dog
food). Since it is frozen, I nuke it to thaw it out... bingo... take my

Taking mega vitamins is what saved my life in 1996. I began
with 1000 mg Vitamin C, 400 I.U. Vitamin E, and 600 mg Calcium back in the
'70's. ..and gradually added and increased dosages, just adding 1000 mg of
Vitamin C recently.

This is Beauty Secret 101..!!

I'm not sure what they are all for.. but my plan is to live to be 150,
and I figger they'll all help. I don't wanna just get old... I wanna look good
while I'm doin' it..!!

About WATER... COLD water at that

I just ran across the article I had seen/found/read that induced me to give up
HOT BATHS. (I don't have a shower.)

If you've been reading my Beauty Secrets pages, you might have noticed a quote I made....
about reversing the order of things... 'I bathe in cold water and flush the toilet with hot.' (Or something close to that.)

I had forgotten all the reasons why, but I continued bathing in, not really cold, but tepid to cool, water ever since. And that was APRIL 24, 1993..!

Here it is in it's entirety.
Guardian News Service
Scientists studying the effects of regular cold baths on human volunteers have
made a series of remarkable discoveries which may tempt millions of people to
change their way of life.

Inspired by the practice of some of the stricter British private schools, some scientists think cold water baths are a 'miracle' cure for the worst that modern life can throw at us.

Five thousand volunteers are being sought by the Thrombosis Research Institute in
London to test its claim hat a disciplined daily regime of cold baths can cure many of the modern world's ailments.

Preliminary research on a hundred patients showed that immersion in icy water is not the passion-killer of folklore, but actually boosts production of testosterone, the hormone regulating
sexual potency, in men, and estrogen, regulating fertility, in women.

Professor Vijay Kakkar began researching the cold-plunge routine, which he has renamed Thermo Regulatory HydroTherapy, after observing dramatic results in the condition of a pateint suffering from the chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyilitis, also known as 'yuppie flu'.

'This patient had been confined to bed 17 or 18 hours a day, unable to conentrate on anything,
feeling weak and exhausted. Yet he claimed that after starting to take daily cold-water baths the condition vastly improved,' Professor Kakarr said. 'I have to admit, I was skeptcal at first.'

But analysis of blood samples showed that cold water theapy significantly raised the number of white cells, the body's front-line fighters against viruses.

He also noted an increase in the level of the body's natural blood-thinning enzyme and improved circulation. After taking up the treatment himself he found that after 15 years as an asthma sufferer he no longer needed to carry an inhaler.

Others said the treatment improved heir skin texture, hardened their nails and strengthened hair

But before everybody begins leaping gleefully in at the deep end of a chilly bath, the profesor warns: 'People must realize this is not a cure for everything. But it is a way to make our bodies perform better -- to improve blood circulation and to stimulate the immunity system.

'It costs nothing. It can be practiced in the comfort of one's own home and potentially can
improve our way of life.'

I can attest that this is just one of the things I have incorporated into my life.I
have done this these last 20 years.

Now, you noticed I said I had a near-death in 1996. That was from an infection in the groin caused by my TEETH.

Dr. F. Batmanghelidj in a remarkable book, Your Body's Many Cries for Water, says
'...disease treatments are not curative (except for bacterial infections and the use of antibiotics).'

They thought I was dying. Yes, antibiotics saved my life, but I had always felt my mega vitamin regime helped keep me alive while they tried to find out what was wrong with me. (I should have died, I had an abcess the size of a grapefruit.) Now I see I was already 3 years into cold-water bathing, so that could have helped also.

It may seem like a little thing, but even Jethro Kloss I quoted in my 'Learning How To Eat' article, saw a benefit to alternating hot and cold bathing when a person was ill. And several times a day, at that.

The article even says the cold water therapy increases a blood thinning enzyme. I heard someone mention they take Coumadin, and that scares me. It contains RAT POISON. Doesn't trying cold water bathing (not to mention Vitamin E is the natural blood thinner), seem
worth a try?

'The interesting thing about not trying to impress anybody is, you do.' ---
Tiana Dreymor

My 2nd Teenhood....

UPDATE: September 25, 2014

Someone asked me yesterday how come I keep looking younger. I answered, 'Well, I'm in my 2nd Teenhood.'

I think I need to clarify that.... In the past year and a half I have gone WHEAT FREE. I do not eat anything with wheat in it. I also do not eat corn or soy. I have written about it in other hubs, as you can see if you click on my name/photo. But I need to point out what I have observed recently.

For one thing, my complexion has darkened. Now, most people, as they age, become paler... their skin looking almost transparent. Of course, I am light complected. When I began using make up in my 1st Teenhood, I used (Cover Girl) Ivory. Later on I used the next lower shade, Creamy Natural. This year, I have lowered it to Buff Beige. This is PART of what has made me look younger.

I don't know... maybe I have found the fountain of youth???

I ALSO have been watching/emulating teenagers..... especially a 16 year old boy, Casey. Casey is the Grandson of one of my neighbors. I've been invited to their back-yard barbeques for the last couple years. This year, the first one was Memorial Day week-end. At that time Casey had the hair-in-the-eyes look... I was already growing my bangs out to copy that. In fact, I'll show you my most recent picture...


Yes. There are my bangs nearly hanging in my eyes.... which, I have been practicing with eye make-up techniques. I have some shimmer powder (From Avon, 1985) that I have been using on my eye lids and a little up under the brows. I now use a color in the crease of my lid and the outer corners. I then use an eyebrow pencil to line my eye from the corner to just the center. I think this gives me an inquisitive look...

Fast forward to Labor Day. I was upstairs and saw that Casey was out back helping his Grandpa set up for the barbeque. When I got there, I thought... oh, no, that was Casey's Dad, Steve. ...That is, until Steve showed up seconds later... Steve is smaller than this 16 year-old boy! And has reddish brown hair and beard. Well... who's this dark haired bearded man? CASEY! He had cut his hair to about 2 inches on top! and grown an Amish-style beard. OMG.

During the course of the afternoon the discussion came around to hair gel. He showed me a jar of Gorila Gel... I can't remember what it was called, but I couldn't find it when I went to Walmart. It was yellow. What I got is white and it's called, 'Snot Your Hair'... 2nd Teenhood. Yes, I've cut my long bangs...

One other thing, I have already mentioned describing my beauty treatments is... massaging and pressing against my finger techniques (resistance).

I want to emphasize this, because I think this has also helped me look younger. This technique is comparable to weightlifting... 'lifting' my face? I have firmed my facial muscles to the point my features look carved out. And I don't have to worry about looking like Kenny Rogers.

So... I am enjoying my 2nd Teenhood and proud to be looking younger!

Update: November 4, 2016

Hmmm.... just thinking... Maybe I better show my most recent picture.




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    • Vista15 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tiana Dreymor 

      4 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Thank you! I've been reading some of yours... Frugal tricks.. Small house... pretty good!

    • Happymommy2520 profile image


      4 years ago from East Coast

      This is the third very interesting Hub I have read of yours. I like people that think outside of the box. I love the BIC lighter trick you shared. I am considering it. You look great for your age! Have a good weekend!


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