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Women's Weekly Beauty Secrets from 1982 - Bleach, Anti-perspirants and Thread veins

Updated on June 8, 2009

So I was digging through some of my grandparents things and found an old womens magazine with some great beauty secrets, thought I would make a hub from it as the idea's can apply to today some beauty solutions never go out of fashion.

Its not really that old of a magazine buts its always interesting to see how people thought back then compared to today.


Eating to Lose Weight

 Question :

Are there any foods or combinations of foods that actually help you to lose weight more quickly when you're on a slimming diet? I ask, because I've heard that eating something like grapefruit and eggs can make you lose faster.

Answer :

No , there are no magical foods, or combinations of foods that are actually slimming, wouldn't it be nice if there were! The most that can be said is that certain foods have a low calorie value , and so can be eaten fairly freely within a slimming diet framework.

The other point is that you will no doubt lose weight if you eat any one food to the exclusion of all others. Whether you choose a solid diet of bananas, cheese or whatever. But you would be very foolish to try to lose weight in this way, because you'd be losing only because you'd excluded a whole range of very necessary vitamins and nutrients from your diet.

Yoou might lose weight on such a diet, but you are also likely to make yourself ill.

Today : This applies to the current situation of people going on all liquid diets or even the crazy chocolate diet to loose weight. A good healthy varied diet is the only way. 

A lovely spaghetti moustache going on here
A lovely spaghetti moustache going on here

Bleaching Superfluous Hair


When I first started bleaching the hairs on my upper lip with a mixture of ammonia and peroxide, it worked really well, but the last two or three times I've applied the mixture, it's had no effect whatsoever. What's gone wrong?


I wonder where you keep your peroxide? It's quite an unstable compound, and very sensitive to light and heat. If it has deteriorated , you might as well be using water! Grease on the skin interferes with the action of the bleach , too. and could be another reason why it isn't working.


From this one you can see how outdated some of the beauty techniques have become and i'm sure there aren't many ladies left out there using peroxide , I hope. 

Enjoyed this little cartoon so i thought i'd add it to the hub:)
Enjoyed this little cartoon so i thought i'd add it to the hub:)

The effects of Anti-perspirants


 How long should one expect an anti-perspirant to be effective? All day, up to twelve hours , or just about eight hours or so?


It's difficult to say precisely, since so much depends on you, as an individual. What sort of a day you have ( how stressful or energetic it may be) and what sort of anti-perspirant you choose to use.

I think it's fair to say, though, that a good anti-perspirant applied properly at 7.30am should last you for at least 12 hours. By "applied properly", I mean applied on to clean, hair-free skin, that hasn't just been washed or dried. Allow at least five minutes to elapse between your bath or wash and your application of your favourite product.

Change your brand of anti-perspirant from time to time. Your skin can get too used to one particular product, so that after a while it doesn't work for you as effectively as it might.


There are many types of anti-perspirants these so days so we are very spoilt for choice, the only bad thing about anti-perspirants is that they usualy contain aluminium chlorohydrate which is not something we want our bodies it absorb a lot of it, as it is an unatural metal. 

Thread Veins


What causes those ugly little thread veins? I've noticed a tiny cluster on my cheek, and am anxious not to get any more.

Answers :

Thread veins occur when the capillaries (fine veins ) that form a network under the skin's surfaace becomed damaged in some way. This can if happen if, for instance, your skin has been subjected to extreme heat or cold  ( because you've been drinking very hot or cold drinks , having very hot baths or coming straight in from the cold to sit in front of a hot fire); or because you've been eating or drinking certain spicy , stimulating foods or drinks that may cause thread veins if you already have senstivie skin. Coffee, for instance, is a culprit as are tea, alcohol or very spicy foods, such as curry.

Try to avoid getting thread veins by washing your face in tepid water only, never taking very hot baths, warming yourself up gradually when you come in from the cold, and protecting your skin throughout the day with a good moisturiser. Try , too, to avoid eating or drinking too many of those foods and drinks mentioned above as being bad for the skin. 

a facial mask is great way to envigorate your skin and bring moisture and nutrients to your skin
a facial mask is great way to envigorate your skin and bring moisture and nutrients to your skin

Combating Dry skin


Are there any foods that are particularly good for dry skin?

Answer :

Yes , all of the following: fresh milk, cheese, butter, eggs, liver, yeast (Marmite, Bemax, brewer's yeast tablets ) , string beans, kidney beans, pea's , lentils, whole wheat, herring, fresh fruit, fresh vegetable of any kind.


This advice is pretty much spot on and can be applied to people having dry skin problems right now , eating more fruit and vegetables is great for bring the akalinity of the body up and getting riding of acidity which can cause dry skin. Cheese , milk, butter those sorts of things are high in protein and are great for skin aswell as beans and pea's. 

Beauty Products

MyChelle  Cranberry Mud Mask, 1.2 Fluid Ounce
MyChelle Cranberry Mud Mask, 1.2 Fluid Ounce

A great facial mark for bringing life to your skin and removing facial blemishes



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