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Beauty Tips: Healthy, Beautiful Nails

Updated on February 19, 2011

Fingernails are important in women’s dictionary. Women like to look at their hands in every season, every day, every minute, and every moment they can. Let’s say that during winter women take a look at their hands to see if the skin is dry. They would apply hand cream on their hands if the skin is dry. Personally, I do the same thing and my hand cream is finished in 3 weeks. Most women love visiting the nail salon during the summer season, and some might
also like to visit the place on the spring and fall seasons. Manicure holds a primary spot in most women hearts. I would love to present some tips that I have read on articles and books that help maintain healthy and beautiful nails. (Ps: The tips work very well on me.)

Tip 1 – If you want to apply nail polish
Wash your hands then apply hand cream on your hands and your nails. It would be a bonus if you massage your nails after applying the hand cream. Then start putting nail polish on your beautiful nails.

Tip 2 – You ask: How could I make the nail polish dry faster?
Don’t worry! Go to the bathroom, turn on the faucet and fill the sink with cold water. Put both of your hands on the sink. Count to 30 and TADA! The nail polish dried up and the pretty color stays on your nails, shimmering those appealing hands of yours.

Tip 3 – You prefer: But I want healthy and natural nails!
The key for this is drinking more water. You also need vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B12. Vitamin A is found on milk and eggs. (I drink a cup of milk everyday and it shows good progress!) Food sources of vitamin C include broccoli, strawberries, tomatoes, celery, spinach, etc. Vitamin B12 is found on beef, cheese, eggs, lamb, lobster, oyster, crab, fish, etc.

Tip 4 – You exclaim: OMG! My nail broke…
Well, the only option is to cut off that broken nail. If the nail is half broken, don’t try to pull it out with your fingers. I did that one time and it hurts. In the end, my nail got broken very badly. So, don’t try doing that. Always uses a nail clipper.

Tip 5 – When you need to do house chores…
Remember to wear rubber gloves and it depends on you whether to put on hand cream before wearing the rubber gloves. What is the difference? Try it out! I doubt it that you would take a risk for any types of accident on your nails. If it happens, then it is unpreventable.

To all ladies – It depends on you whether or not in having healthy and beautiful nails. A suggestion would be – drink milk and eat eggs every day. Try to keep it up!


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    • profile image

      milawalker 5 years ago

      Neutrogena is very effective for the nails.

      clinique eye cream(

    • MPG Narratives profile image

      Marie Giunta 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Thanks for the tips Susana101 and welcome to hubpages. If you'd like more info about hubbing visit the learning center or for a challenge why not join a hubmob, Enjoy being a part of the HP writing community, cheers Marie, member of hubgreeters team.