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Beauty to Appeal

Updated on August 5, 2015

Beauty to Appeal

One has to remain healthy physically as well as mentally. Unless one takes out few hours from one’s daily routine to pamper and concentrate on herself it will be impossible to remain healthy and fit. Every woman likes to discover when somebody tells her at the age of forty+ she looks sensational, it is indeed very pleasing. Many of them fail to fight the effects of aging due to their lifestyle; tension related to their home and office leads them to the door of several diseases. Nowadays one finds beauty saloons and fitness center a booming business and flourishing in every nook and corners of the streets. Everyone has become conscientious of their fitness and style. Women go to any extent to look flawless, like going through risky cosmetic surgeries daily flashing in the media. They spent ten percent of their income on cosmetics and other beauty process.

Revathi is a busy renowned doctor of the town still she is suffering from blood pressure and diabetes. She is frustrated with daily popping pills and sometimes she has to take leave from her hectic schedule and sit at home to take a rest. People find it surprising that despite of being well acquainted with all medical treatments and being a renowned specialist how can she be a victim of horrendous disease. Revathi knows the reason behind her poor health, but she couldn’t help as she has no time to look after herself. Her stressful life and neglect is the chief cause of all her troubles. She never ever committed a thought on her own health. Her husband Jigar is an industrialist who owns his own businesses and has handled his business life and personal life in a very appropriate manner. Daily morning he wakes up at six and does yoga at home, then at seven, he runs on the treadmill for half an hour. He has his breakfast which contains sandwiches, chakras, power, Upma etc. with a cup of milk. He always visits his doctor for regular health checkups that is once in a six month and regularly checks his blood sugar and blood pressure. He believes in maintaining a healthy diet and good habits. He feels one has to follow exercise and diet regime just as one follows his regular habit of brushing teeth and taking a bath.

To stay mentally fit one must cultivate hobbies like reading, gardening, and acquiring knowledge. Good books are just like a good nutritious meal for a healthy mind. Books have, not to be just meant for academic growth, but for recreation too. Our expressions our sitting style and our body language indicate our mental status. However hard we try to makeover still we will find the dullness outside if our inner beauty is not enhanced. With exercise and meditation, self confidence can be created.

Soumya is a handler in a well reputed firm. Despite of being very hard working she couldn’t get a promotion in her job. She felt her boss always was dissatisfied with her. Her juniors were getting promoted , she was frustrated all the credit for her work was given to them. One day she asked her friend, a reason she candidly advised her to groom herself in an appropriate way for e.g. Wearing clothes according to one’s body structure, height and color also one must keep in mind the place she visits. About visiting beauty saloon for her makeover. She made Soumya aware of her skin and her hairdo which requires a good beautician. On that day Soumya along with her friend visited a beautician after office, she looked at Soumya carefully and instructed for the hair cut which was very traditional and oily then she gave Soumya a facial treatment required for her skin which had few wrinkles and needed cleansing because her skin was damaged by regular traveling. She was instructed on her dressing style and jewelry too. Next day in office everybody was taken aback by the change that Soumya had, she looked stunning and gorgeous.. Sometimes for grooming one has to take professional help because that develops self confidence. With good presentation confidence automatically builds up within and that reflects your inner self.

Every woman must know to be successful one has to have good health, inner beauty, good style of clothing. Grooming has to be a very important part of your daily life irrespective of the age. I know women in their late forties or fifties doesn’t give much importance to grooming they feel now they are old enough and should go easy on their outer personality and they neglect themselves and take their being for granted, slowly these thoughts take over and they feel dejected and depress. Indeed, one must start taking more care as one crosses their thirties, they must be regular in visiting health clubs, beauty salons and try wearing clothes which suits their body and style.


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