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The Best Lancome Eye Creams Ever

Updated on October 22, 2012

Ladies, please don’t wait until you have crow’s feet to start using eye cream – it’s a ridiculous waste of beauty. The under-eye area is completely devoid of eccrine (sweat) glands. Which means this area is less than hydrated, unless you do it yourself. Most women don’t worry about it until pre-middle-age sets in. They hit 30 or 35 and notice Father Time has tiptoed across their eyelids – and panic ensues. While there are creams available that will smooth over some of your wrinkles, they aren’t made of pixie dust, and they will not take a decade off your appearance. Prevention is the best defense in this case.

What’s that mean? That means all you 20-somethings would be wise to start using eye creams now, and on a daily basis. At the very least you should be using it before you go to sleep each night. And yes, I started using eye creams when I was about 24. You will not regret it. However, it’s important to note, you get what you pay for. Do not buy eye crème from Walgreens and expect magic. Nivea, Roc, Neutrogena, Loreal, etc – these are really low-end products. Even if you think them wonderful, you need only try Lancome or another high-end cream to see the difference. True, they are more expensive, but you use far less, and with much better results. Which pretty much evens out the cost over time. That’s not to say everything pricey is worth it’s weight in gold. For example, Clinique is utter crap. I know, I used it for quite a while. I admit, it was far superior to Loreal and Nivea – but when I switched to Lancome, the improvement was like night and day.

Note: Not only do I have a very dry under-eye area, I also have genetically obnoxious dark circles. The following recommendations will not cure dark circles but they will lighten them over time.

Cream No. 1: Lancome’s High Resolution Yeux

This is a very light cream and the results are instant. You don’t need to apply a ton of it, just enough to hydrate the skin. You can purchase it from Sephora or any other outlet which offers Lancome. One jar lasts me about 1.5 months.

Cream No. 2 – Lancome’s Renergie Yeux

This cream is thicker than the first, but it will not feel greasy or heavy on your skin. Again, just enough to hydrate the skin – apply it AFTER cream No. 1. One jar lasts me about 1.5 months.

  1. Use them BOTH at the same time. Cream No. 1 is wonderfully effective but the hydration is not long lasting. Apply a thin layer, give it a few moments to absorb, and then apply cream No. 2. Don’t wait for the skin to dry out completely – the idea here is to prolong the hydration. It works very, very well.

  2. Apply with your ring finger. This is because you will be less inclined to do so forcefully, which would only add wear and tear to this delicate part of your face.

  3. Apply to the ENTIRE eye area. Women have a tendency to slather eye creams under the eye and that’s it. This is a no-no. Take a look at a middle-aged woman with crow’s feet the next time she smiles. The lines can extend to the temple, as well as drape downward across the apple of the cheek. You should be applying the cream everywhere the potential for crow’s feet exists. And don’t forget the upper eyelid!

  4. Apply it before your concealer. I use both of these creams prior to applying concealer. It works wonderfully and provides a smooth base to build on. Let it absorb a bit first, but make sure you apply the concealer before the creams dry out completely.

  5. Apply it *over* your concealer as a hydrating boost. If you notice your eye area beginning to dry out at mid-day, you can apply a small amount of this cream to the under-eye area and it will recharge your skin.

  6. Be consistent! Don’t use these once and expect a miracle. You need to be consistent and use them at least once daily. Even the driest skin should see marked improvement within a few weeks time.

So there you are, my personal recommendations for the best two eye creams on the market. They do work!


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