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Lancome Makes The Best Facial Cleanser Ever

Updated on December 13, 2008

I've used a million variations of facial cleanser over the years. When I was a teenager, I used pHisoderm, because my mother had perfect skin and claimed that was why. Maybe it was – but it surely didn’t do anything for me. I have normal to combination skin, which meant I usually had one or two zits during puberty, but nothing out of the ordinary. I tried the teenage cleansers like Oxy and Clearisil, which truly dried my skin out and left me with red, taut skin.

I tried Revlon’s line, which resulted in my skin drying out so badly, it peeled. In fact, I spent the years between 13 and 25 convinced I had naturally blotchy skin – particularly in the creases on either side of my nose. I had to use concealer just to tone it down to pink. In my late 20’s I discovered Clinique’s cream face wash, which they insist is also for use on the eye area. Um, no, I think not. Yes, my cheeks took on a more human skin color, but my under-eye area dried out to the point I looked like I had wrinkles where I really didn’t. Fortunately, I’d just discovered Lancome’s fantastic eye creams, and decided to look into their facial cleansers, which led me to:

Lancome’s Gel Clarte

Cost: $21

This is a lovely smelling gel that lathers up quite nicely. Squeeze a tiny drop out and that’s plenty to wash your face. One bottle typically lasts me about 1.5 months. Note: Do NOT apply it to your eye area, as it’s not intended for use there. Personally, I prefer something which lathers up, else I don’t feel truly clean. This product gets nice and sudsy, and is very gentle on your skin. Within a week or two, all that pinkness was gone. Suddenly I had the peach tone I’d hoped was lurking in my genes.

This will not dry your skin out.

You’ll notice I mentioned it’s not intended for use on the eye area – you should be using an eye-makeup remover for this. I use one to cleanse the area, even if I haven’t been wearing makeup. Obviously you don’t need much, if that’s the case, just a gentle swipe with a cotton pad will do. You may have a favorite face wash, and that’s fine. Nevertheless, I do recommend trying this, if only for a week. You will love the glow!


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    • profile image

      Best Cleanser Facial 6 years ago

      Nice information Best Facial Cleanse

    • profile image

      Susan 7 years ago

      Thanks for the info...I am delighted to know that there is a face cleanser that lathers up more like soap and water...that is when I feel truly clean. Delighted to know about this product. Thanks Susan

    • Isabella Snow profile image

      Isabella Snow 10 years ago

      Hi Suki! Im glad you liked it! I really like Lancomes Morpholift for the face.. I don't know how old you are, you might not be worried about wrinkles yet, this stuff is great for them if you have brow lines like I sometimes do! I'll do a hub on this soon! Lancomes Renergie is good for the face as well. :)

    • profile image

      Suki 10 years ago

      oops, should have used spell check...I meant "moisturizer" -Thanks

    • profile image

      Suki 10 years ago

      Hi, Isabella - I took your advice and tried both the Gel Clarte and Bi Facil...really love them! Do you have a favorite moisurizer? Thanks for the tips!