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Watches: Where to Buy a Bebe Watch Online

Updated on October 21, 2010

Shopping at Bebe

Buying Your Bebe Watch Online


Are you looking for the perfect watch to accessorize your wardrobe? If so, you might be thinking that a Bebe watch is in order. It's no wonder; these watches are stylish, eye-catching and noticeable to the people that you want to notice you. But where do you go to buy a Bebe watch? It's actually a difficult question to answer because your choices are kind of limited. But Bebe watches are available online so you just have to go to the right places to buy the watch you want. Here are some of your online choices:


  • Bebe website: The Bebe website is the best place for getting the current watch styles. You can see all of the available styles and colors and get them in the right size just by clicking on a few buttons to designate what you want. Of course, the price that you pay is that you will be paying full price for the watches that you buy.


  • If you don't already know this site, it is what it sounds like - a site that sells overstock items at a discounted rate. You can use auctions to get items like your Bebe watch at a fairly low rate. The problem here is that there are less styles and sizes to select from and the stock is always changing so you might have to go back a few times to get the Bebe watch that you want.


  • eBay - If you're an eBay user, you can search for the Bebe watch that you're looking for. This will work best for you if you aren't too picky about which Bebe watch you want because you can bid your ideal price on a number of items and wait to see what comes through for you.


  • Craigslist - If you live in a major urban area where there are a lot of people who use Craig's List, you might be able to get a Bebe watch there. There are two ways to do this. One is to check the listings of jewelry for sale. The other is to put up a post under "wanted" or even "barter" saying that you're looking to buy a Bebe watch and letting people know what you're offering in exchange. This can be a good way to get an inexpensive (or even free) Bebe watch if you're willing to invest a little bit of time and energy.


If you're often looking for good places to buy items like your Bebe watch, you might consider checking out Kaboodle. This is an online social bookmarking site similar to sites like or However, this social bookmarking site is especially for people who enjoy shopping and networking with other shoppers. You can bookmark favorite items (like you new Bebe watch) and then share shopping information with other people on the network.


If you have a Bebe store near you, it might be best to just go to that store. However, if you'd rather do your shopping online, you can get your Bebe watch at the above locations. You'll get the best deal if you spend some time on searching the sites and looking for a good cost on a style you like. But if instant gratification is more your style, the Bebe website is the way to go.


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    ColeDina30 5 years ago

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  • profile image

    Ava Da Luca 7 years ago

    They have really cute watches. They have a watch to go with any and many of your outfits and any future outfits.

    Thanks for the ideas on where to find a watch.

  • profile image

    wallycott 7 years ago

    Bebe watches are really cute. On visiting the Bebe website I was fascinated by the pink bangle watch. Very beautiful. Love your page.