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Becoming a Coach Purse Dealer

Updated on December 29, 2009
Coach Bags
Coach Bags


According to Google Answers, becoming a Coach dealer requires you to go through an intricate screening process. Because Coach wants to control the flow of their product, they are the only source you can go to when looking to purchase wholesale, resell and become an official Coach dealer. If you are interested in reselling Coach products, and do not care about making a set profit you can do so by finding discounts and reselling them at retail prices online.

Contact Coach

To become a reseller of Coach Handbags, you must contact Coach. If you qualify, they will put you through an interview process and do site visits of your store front before allowing you to sell their product. According to Google Answers, Coach is the only source for wholesale bags because they are interested in keeping track of who is reselling their products. This is also done because they want to make sure the market is not flooded with their merchandise.

Buying at a Discount

You may be able to find Coach Handbags at significant discounts at authorized Coach Outlet stores. At times, purses can be discounted up to 80 percent off the originally price tag. Some savvy buyers keep track of sales and outlet prices and purchase bags at lower prices and resell them on Ebay or Overstock for profit. This is one of the only other ways to buy and sell Coach Handbags to the public.

Be Prepared

Make sure if you do find a retail store or an online store front that sells Coach products at discounted prices that they can certify that the merchandise is authentic. You can also be prepared be educating yourself on how to spot a fake Coach handbag. If you notice that the straps of the purse you are purchasing are not soft and smooth and if the zippers do not have YKK engraved on them, the product you are looking at may be a fake. Be careful when shopping for discount Coach merchandise outside authorized outlet dealers.

Reselling Your Merchandise

After you have purchased your Coach Handbags at a discounted price and you are ready to list them online, make sure you include the original receipt you received when you made your initial purchase. This will help give buyers confidence that the Coach product they are purchasing is authentic and will also help you receive the most money. Also be sure to set minimum purchase amounts your handbags can be purchased at, especially if you are using an online auction site. This will also help you bring in more profits and ensure you do not sell your handbags for less than you purchased them for.


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      Dianne M Barber 5 years ago

      I want to become a coach purse dealer

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    • profile image

      Kelsey 5 years ago

      You all sound so ignorant. It is illegal to buy a product and then resell it more than you paid. Have none of you ever heard of scalping at sports events? When you buy at a factory store for 50 it retails 200 and try to sell it for 100 it's illegal. The purses are patented which means you have no right to sell them. Also, to sell you need a business license and be in agreement with coach as an authorized dealer, which they do not have except for their own stores.

    • profile image

      CbsSheb 6 years ago

      Yeah, it makes me wonder why Coach is now doing on line factory sales. Guess their sales are down in the stores. Anyway not worth buying Coach anymore due to the zillions of people selling it on Ebay. There is no longer a demand like there used to be. Thank you Coach for directing me to other designers that are much better quality and appreciate my business. Good riddance!

    • profile image

      marrfeng 6 years ago

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    • profile image

      nuts&volts 6 years ago

      Coach banned me two years ago. They are so full of themselves. I own stock in their company and they are denying me the right to buy items from them. Puhleaze! They don't know where their bread is buttered. Keep selling ebayers! You deserve to survive in this economy as much as Coach does!!! When their brand falls on its face, they won't have resellers to pick up the pieces. I hope MIchael Kors stabs them in the back!

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    • profile image

      Cbssheb 6 years ago

      I got the letter too about 1 1/2 years ago. They did me a big favor as I could care less about Coach and get their online sales every other day to purchase from the Factory on line. I guess it is like a private sale. Anyway I could get all the Coach I wanted but just delete the email as I would not give them a penny more of my money! They have banned all of us sellers yet they are putting up sales through on line for their factory items! Coach is a "has been" and can't hold a candle next to some of the other designer bags that are out there and more than willing to sell. At least I know when I go in the other high end stores I don't have to be humiliated and discriminated against with a b.s. letter!

    • profile image

      ???? 6 years ago

      Go to

      This will put most Coach ebay sellers out of biz!

    • profile image

      Name 6 years ago

      FAQs Regarding Reporting Cash Payments of Over $10,000 (Form 8300),,id=...

    • profile image

      Louis Vuitton Outlet 6 years ago

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    • profile image

      tina 6 years ago

      how can i get started saling coach handbags

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    • profile image

      Ella 6 years ago

      Coach is inclusive luxury; obviously they want something and a price point for all, but they still don't want their brand cheapened more than the factory store would do. Agree or disagree but be careful and don't resell if you want to keep carrying the bags personally or would depend on that money.

    • profile image

      Cbssheb 6 years ago

      I too received the letter a few years back. I sell other names that are much better quality. I never see anyone shop in the Coach retail stores. Most of the Coach bags from the factory are junk with the Coach name on it. The prices are not as cheap as they used to be. Why does everyone think Coach is so great when it is a piece of junk made in China. I guess middle America thinks it is a status bag but a lucky bag or Fossil bag is much better quality. I, myself would not be caught dead with a bag wit CC all over it! Additionally I receive $50 gift cards from Coach retail stores and sell them on EBay.

    • profile image

      Plastic 6 years ago

      I agree with "its just a name" Their products maybe high end in the past.. But after opening the Factory, their style, prices and quality are not the same. Very cheap looking. That's why we can all afford it!! Trying to protect their "luxury quality" but yet, put them in 80% discount factory prices!! Luxury and quality, yeah right:/ and the people who work at coach are stuck up themselves.. I guess they forgot to look down at themselves and remember their just a sales person getting pay hourly, just like everyone's else!

    • profile image

      Andrea 6 years ago

      If you want to profit off of someone else's product, you need to accept that they will put controls on how they are represented. They have every right to protect the quality, value and distribution of their product. They know and understand their business. They know that people who do not understand or respect their standards can significantly undermine their value. This is not discrimination. It is business and they have every right to protect their reputation.

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    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      I contacted the Attorney General in NYS to see if the letters were legal. I told them that Coach was tracking my credit card purchases and I thought this was illegal. The AG asked Coach for a response and Coach said they do not demand ID, but they did have the right to sell to whomever they wanted to. The AG determined that it's perfectly legal for Coach Outlets to refuse to sell to someone and ban them as long as they aren't basing it on race or religion.

    • profile image

      Banned 2 yrs. ago 7 years ago

      So they are still handing out those letters?? Why then are there so many "huge" Coach Ebay sellers still buying in bulk??

      Has anyone tried to contact the CEO? Or an Atty??

      I personally have not missed selling Coach on Ebay, their product has gotten such a "cheap" look and I was recently in a Coach store and the Manager (whom I know) told me I could buy whatever I wanted and I did not see a single item that was worthy of the $$$ they were asking for it ~ their product is getting very "plastic" looking.

    • profile image

      aimd 7 years ago

      i would love to get involved in a class action suit or whatever we can do as a group. i have also received the letter. was able to get around it using cash and my maiden name but got busted yet again. let me know how i can help. i have a copy of the original letter here i can post.

    • profile image

      Banned 2 yrs. ago 7 years ago

      Is someone getting something together about this?

    • profile image

      vrito 7 years ago

      OMG I cant bealive all of these people felt like a criminal whem buying!!! I went there last week and I did get 2 letters, one saying i was no longer able to return or exchange and another one saying I couldn't buy nor send someone on mybehalf. That day the store was full and everybody was looking at me like if I was a criminal. It was an awful embarraseing feeling:-( But now I guess I'm going to joint the people that are doing something about this! this is Not Fair!!!

    • profile image

      It's just a name. 7 years ago

      I'm a reseller but only dabble in Coach very occasionally. I sell other major labels.

      Qian (above) brings up a valid point. Re-sellers (non greedy ones at least) do provide a service to those that live hundreds of miles away from shopping outlets. We are simply passing on the great deals people otherwise wouldn't be exposed to. I sell to people in countries that don't have access to that label at all.

      Finally, I'd say a good 45% of my sales are to re-sellers themselves overseas.

      It's a win win for everyone. But I understand that Coach & others are trying to protect their brand but to that end I would write my own letter containing something along the lines of:

      To whom it may concern,

      Coach decided to create a business model (Coach Factory) based on selling an inferior product (that even a full priced Coach store will not touch) at marginally reduced prices but NOW you want to protect your brand?

      Sir/Madam, you lost that battle at FACTORY.

      Is Coach a luxury brand or not?

      My suggestion to you is close down your FACTORY stores if you're worried about your "brand" & go back to restoring the integrity of your product & the COACH name.

      But something tells me that won't happen. I'm sure your FACTORY stores are propping up your bottom line & considering the large majority of your FACTORY paying customers are ignorant to the fact that they are buying an inferior product to the original, you're laughing all the way to the bank.

      But seeing your product re-sold on EBay? Oh the audacity!

      You opened Pandora's Box with your business model - you can close it.

      But I hope you don't.


      A re-seller.

    • profile image

      Qian 7 years ago

      I was with my mom today in a coach outlet, ans she was told that she couldn't shop there any more. She buys and return mostly for friends and relatives out of this country, and for her own. Since she's not a reseller, the number probably no more than 100 in the past one or two years. Then for me, as an adult who only showed up in store together with my mom for this occasion, I was counted as the family together that not allowed to purchase anymore. I went back to the same day, not long after. Of course, my face was remember for that short period, not allowed for purchase, only because I showed up together with my mom. No matter how I argue that it was ridiculous to put me, a 30 year old adult, together with the mom. What if I have my own family, does that mean my other part of the family can no longer purchase? I think that's too much. Since I never purchased in the store, I'll go back a week or two later, they probably forget my face by then and technically I can purchase, and I am ready for some argument, how ridiculous it is! In this way, any customer is a potential reseller(btw, resellers are great when they put reasonable price and deliver goods to people who don't have easy access), including those who constantly purchase and return, who keep most of their buyings.They may still get a letter saying they can no longer buy from Coach. If it's the way to do business, good luck to the company. If they want to be the only one to make money, then close the outlets, only sell at high price. If they hate resellers, set a consistent limit. But,it's the risk for any retail business, people buy and seller, and only the sales matters to the store actually. Maybe I should be reseller, use up all my limits, if I don't like the Brand Coach anymore, maybe I can use it for my good. If I am buying something for my girlfriend, there are better choices if I am looking for something special and unique.

    • profile image

      Banned 2 yrs. ago 7 years ago

      I got the letter 2 yrs. ago, I was a reseller on ebay and the ladies in the store Loved Me! Except for 1 that I found out turned my name in to Corp. and I think it's cause I did not get her a Christmas Present like I got some of the other ladies & gents (I didn't think they would tell her, but now I'm glad I didn't get her anything!)

      For nearly 4 yrs. I probably spent $4-6k a month a their store, no problems and they helped me carry it out to my car! Those ladies were so fun that I almost felt like I worked there! One day when they were super busy I was helping customers find the bag that looked best with them! Then I would leave and send Pizza Hut there with about 6 pizzas for the employees, what a blast I had and they treated me like family!! And all along I used my credit card for all my purchases. Even the Dist. Mgr. met me and was very nice. I cannot say how many messages I got from buyers thanking me for selling them a beautiful Coach bag, they could not afford the retail and did not live close to a factory store. I even sent a few to Iraq and the female soldier could not wait to get it! Whenever the store made a mistake on my receipt (which was usually a very long receipt) I would take it back and tell them they did not charge me for such and such item, that flipped them out and I told them it was not my item until I pay for it. Then I became a stockholder in the company (smart move for me) ~ well I have a letter written for Mr. Lew but have not sent it because I don't think I want to sell Coach anymore, all my "friends" at the store have left to retire or go to other stores so the fun would be gone.

      AS FOR A CLASS ACTION?? Well it just so happens if you google "Gina Kim sues Coach" this lady has just initiated one, real interesting story. I hope she wins!!!!!

      A suit for sending us a letter? Well I would think something could be wrong with this because as stated in the above from "kellybebe" there are "tons" of Coach on Ebay and growing weekly! Some resellers have 200-300 all the time with each auction having 3-9 available in the 1 auction. To me, Coach is discriminating because they will not even let me take my mother to their store to help her pick out a purse, 1 purse for HERSELF to buy!

      So they are also discriminating against her, right??

      They more I bring this up the more I get pi##ed all over again! Oh well, I have found a much BETTER brand to sell and am doing just a well with my new brand and so far they are very happy to have my purchases!!

      Kellybebe, let me know what you are planning, I may just want to join you. How do we contact you?

    • profile image

      kellybebe 7 years ago

      On this Coach Purse deal...anyone start contacting me... I am going to start the ball rolling to begin an end to their discriminatory practices.... I now have the proof I need... Went into a coach store and lets say partner went up to the counter and would not give ID with a cash purchase.. party was thrown out of the store... embarassed beyond belief...and was asked to leave...and ofcourse not allowed to buy the bags... I came back a little later in the afternoon and was allowed to purchase... had to give a name...but was not required to produce ID.. As far as the right to sell their products...they cannot do a thing about it...they can refuse to allow you to be a retailer...that is have a shingle selling their line.. but when they allow you to come in and purchase an item.. that becomes the property of yours to do with what you want.... ebay this week has over 40,000 purses alone with most sellers being reputable with gift receipts being provided... so lets see an average sale is 7 days on 40000 purses are being bought and sold on ebay each week which is 160,000 purses per month... lets say 100 per average purse sale that is a mere $1,600,000 per month in sales from those terrible sellers that they harrass and make feel nothing less than as one writer wrote a criminal..I am pursuing this to the utmost...

    • profile image

      Anon 7 years ago

      It is ILLEGAL in the state of California to record someone's personal information when they make a credit card transaction. As for the person who said it is illegal to resell Coach, you may want to google "Doctrine of First Sale" before you post misinformation.

      Section 1747.08 of the California Civil Code states that merchants may ask to SEE identification when accepting a credit card, but they are prohibited from RECORDING that information, either electronically or in writing, unless other very specific circumstances apply, such as a cash advance or other situations which do not occur as part of a routine purchase at Coach.

      If any of you are in California and wish to file a complaint against Coach, it is very important for you to do so to help the Attorney General's office recognize the systematic violation of law that is occurring. It can be done online with the following link:

    • profile image

      sandybeach 7 years ago

      I am presently waiting for my "letter." I was made aware that I was to receive my letter from a couple of outlets and full price Coach stores. I had to call the Rep. from Coach Loss & Prevention and request it be sent so I have it in my hands. I am upset and wish I had known that Coach was tracking my purchases. Even the sales person at the stores who gladly helped me with my multiple purchases, could have warned me, but did not. For the stores, the revenue is primary. They don't concern themselves with corporate until they are advised not to sell to that person anymore. I understand on some level why Coach may be concerned with the resale of their product, but I still don't understand how they are legally able to ban someone from shopping in their store for buying too much? I am wondering if anyone who has been banned in the past has explored the possibility of a Class Action Suit? If so, was there any grounds that support the customers banned. I would like to be able to take some action, but don't know if this is an issue that can be fought? I certainly feel that a warning of sorts would have been a better way for Coach to approach this, instead of setting people up so that they can single them out and make them feel like criminals.

    • profile image

      kelly 7 years ago

      This whole situation is out of control.... I am contacting the Attorney General of my state tomorrow... I too have been buying at Coach to resell... You get treated like a criminal in their stores... asked for all kind of ID with Cash....and on and on....When you buy something how does it not become yours to do with you want after you purchase that item... Also it is not so grand and glorious here.... I have resold on ebay... and am lucky if I end up with 10 to 15 dollars on one purse I paid over a 100 for.... Sometimes I have even lost money on the sale.... Taking ofcourse the good with the bad knowing you are selling at auction and anything goes.... I am also going to call Coach too, never did I spend so much money and be treated so badly all the employees start looking at you and when there is one girl at the register and you come up and all of a sudden there are 4 to ring you up and start asking you for ID of all sorts...

    • profile image

      Shantel 7 years ago

      The reason Coach is banning folks making large purchases is because they need to control where their products are sold. Coach is supposed to be a luxury brand so quite naturally they don't want their brand being sold on places like eBay, known for listings of replica handbags. It diminishes the value of their brand. A friend of mine buys in bulk from the outlet but she sells her bags in a high end boutique with other merchandise of the same value and worth as Coach.

    • profile image

      andy Dogood 7 years ago

      May the coach factory/outlet go away and leave its employees and management homeless

    • profile image

      MaryKate 7 years ago

      Hi, I was out there christmas shopping at Coach, and my purchase was over 1000. They asked me for ID, so I showed it to them. They copied all my info, and I felt uncomfortable. I was told that I can't buy at least 2 weeks at Coach. I had no idea why she said it to me, and regret to show my ID. I said to her that I am not comfortable you have all my personal info, what are you going to do with them. She said my ID info will be erased after 2 weeks. Does anyone know it is true?

      I shouldn't have gone to Coach today. I hate to give out my ID, because I am getting worry now.

      I gave my families & Friends holiday gift Coach last year, and I wanted to give them Coach this year as well.

      I really should've spend money at the other store instead. I felt awful now spent a good money at Coach exchange to being taken my ID and being told can't buy 2 weeks. Please somebody tell me about my question above.

    • profile image

      Annonymous 7 years ago

      Hi, I just called a Coach outlet store today, I wanted to see if they had any specials going on for the holidays. Before I hung-up the phone the sales clerk said that I was limited on how many bags I could buy. I said I don't understand. I was only going to buy one to begin with.

    • profile image

      boohoo 7 years ago

      I do not believe Coach's reason as to why they've set a limit. I do believe they have something up their sleeve... oh like declaring bankruptcy perhaps. Did you see their clothing line launch on the website? Maybe we'll be wearing coach clothing instead of bags in the near future. They were a 2 billion dollar company and this year, under 1 billion in sales. Whoever made their quota is under fire, his ego is bruised, and he needs someone to blame. Isn't it preferable to their bottom line to have folks find affordable ways of owning an out of season bag than to have the market flooded with fakes from china? Look at LV. Honestly, I don't believe anyone who carries an LV anymore. The fake makers have perfected the replica to look as good if not better than the real thing. Now whenever I see LV, I assume it's fake. Is that the fate that coach wants for itself? Did you know that Coach is cranking out "outlet" versions of their boutique bags buy the millions and profits are still on the decline. How is that "exclusive?" Chanel is exclusive, Gucci and even Lockheart (bags in the 200-500 range made in limited quantities). Please coach, you're going to implode unless you lift your ban and let free commerce happen. The next governor of California is looking like it's going to be none other than Ebay's former CEO. Hah! I hope your corporate headquarters is outside of CA. California is the worlds 7th largest economic entity. Coach, you really think your policies will do well in the face of the changing political and financial future. Good luck. There's fair business profit and then there's just discriminatory and destructive practice. You don't enforce your quota in a consistently fair and ethical manner.

    • profile image

      Annonymous 7 years ago

      Well it happened to me today, I walked into my favorite Coach store, and they showed me the letter. (My name and address were at the top, but I never got one in the mail,, Perhaps sending it in the mail is some sort or Federal violation.) I have been buying for the past 5 years, probably do less than $10,000 a year, and always have used my charge card, sometimes I would buy Coach gift cards on ebay at a discount, OH Well life goes on, but it reminds me of the USSR, I really have to disagree with their superior attitude. I have treated my ebay customers better than Coach has treated me. May they go the way of Circuit City, Sharper Image and countless other national stores, but not for the same reason.

    • profile image

      Kitty 7 years ago

      Seen1, seems like you if you purchase more then $800 worth of stuff and pay in cash, they will ask you for your ID. One of my friends didn't have her ID, and was told she could not buy the items. Does this seem wrong of Coach, is it just me?

    • profile image

      Seen1 7 years ago

      Kitty I can tell you this much. It is ILLEGAL to ask someone for ID when purchasing products with cash! Coach has no right to do that. You can refuse to show your ID if you don't want to, (I for one not comfortable with that...why in the hell do I have to show my ID when pay with cash?). And yes...they have a right to refuse the service as well, because they are corporate. And there is another thing I can tell you is that, if you go there to buy bags week after week you will be banned. So be careful since Coach has already banned many of its royal customers excusing them of being resellers.

    • profile image

      Shopper 7 years ago

      Anonymous may work for Coach, but she doesn't know the law.It is not illegal to buy Coach products & resell them. That said, Coach does have the legal right not to sell their product to you as long as they are not basing it on race, religion, etc.

    • profile image

      annonymous 7 years ago

      I work at coach. it is ILLEGAL to buy a someone else's product and resell it. there is no such thing as coach giving you a wholesale discount. in fact when resellers come in it causes nothing but problems. that is why you are banned. perhaps you should try making your OWN product and selling it? Like any legit business would run.

    • profile image

      Kitty 8 years ago

      Hi. I shop for resellers overseas. I have made some big purchases and paid in cash every time. Even though I paid in cash, they asked for my ID. I asked them why were they asking me for ID when I am paying in cash, they said because I exceeded an amount. I have given them my ID a few times already, I wonder when/if they will send me a letter that I no longer can buy from Coach. I was told by the reseller that they only ask for ID so that I can't go again within two weeks. Does anyone know if this is true?

    • profile image

      sheri826 8 years ago

      yes, they will ban you if you purchase too much with a credit card. They did that to me. I purchased about 1000 a week to put on ebay and did it about a year. Then, last March I went in to make a purchase. I had 10 bags placed on the counter and then told "you cannot buy these because you got this letter." I had received no letter, but they didn't care. I am no longer allowed to purchase any Coach bags. I have to wonder, if I purchased this much, I'm sure others have as well. If they ban all of us from buying, they are going to make less money. I hope their business crashes when they ban all of us resellers just to stay "exclusive"

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I am having the same problem. Went in the store with my son and girlfreind and they would not let them buy bags because I was at the limit. I buy about every 2 monthe because I live out of state. How can I be a threat? If they are going to discriminate then don't have outlet stores to begin with. All they are doing is hurting there name in the end. A lot of prople do not have outlet stores to go to and all we are doing is providing them a Coach bag at a discounted price. It would cost them traveling expensives, so in the long run they are saving money. Coach you are a little to full of yourself!

    • profile image

      sspinky 8 years ago


      Just researching wanting to become a dealer myself,

      An I find that one it seems like they are trying to make sure that the uniqueness is kept and when paying cash they can not keep track of you. So when you give a check or credit card you do not have to say your name they can keep a log of your purchase. Thats just like Best Buy If you have one in your town it is an electronic store and if you pay cash they have no record of your purchase unless you have your receipt.Although some make copies and only keep maybe a year or less. Think of how much tape that would be. Good luck and God Bless You all ladies.

    • profile image

      annonymous 8 years ago

      yes, i was trying to purchase 8 bags using cash, and was asked for ID, left my passport at hotel and they will NOT let the purchase go through. eventually i had to buy 4 bags and even then, i am not allowed to return a wallet given to me as a gift for exchange because I cannot provide them any ID. this is ridiculous, really puts me off from coming to the US and going all the way to outlet, and only Coach will do that, I do not have problem with other stores. what a disgrace to a company!

    • profile image

      Jyp 8 years ago

      They would not allow a friend of mine to buy 5 items because she "looked" like someone else that purchased a lot the day before. They said they are requiring people to show ID when paying CASH. Discrimination?? ABSOLUTELY. Pay cash, buying less than minimum, and they still won't sell unless you have a VALID ID. If it is not current, they say NOPE. I was in a store where 8 people were buying 5 or more items. They wouldn't sell to one women because she didn't have her passport with her and she was from out of the country. On the other side of me, another person had 8 items, and didn't ask them for ID, and they had duplicates, so yes, they are JUDGING YOU AND DECIDING IF THEY WANT TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST YOU. I believe I should have PRIVACY and should not have to share my name, or address to pay for something using cash, and how dare they KEEP TRACK, when I did not approve of that when I purchased. I should be able to buy without telling anyone who I am, why I am buying and for who I am purchasing for. PRIVACY!!! They are making money on everyone buying there, so allow everyone to buy what they want, can afford, or if they want to take the risk and buy something and sell it to a friend, let them!

    • profile image

      momo 8 years ago

      coachshopper, did they ban you as well? How do they possibly do that? You are spending money there. If anything, they should welcome you!

    • profile image

      coachshopper 8 years ago

      They did the same thing to me. I just start to shop there within a month. I did bought a lot of item and last week I went to there several times and exceed the limit. What should i do in there? I really feel that this is not fair. Is this a kind of discrimination? Help... please

    • profile image

      momo 8 years ago

      Are you reselling? 50,000? that is a lot of money!!

      Why would they ban you? And how could they even do so?

    • profile image

      Carolyn 8 years ago

      I just received one of the letters from Coach saying I am no longer allowed to purchase from them because of the large quantity of bags I am purchasing. Last year along I spent over $50,000. Why are they so willing to lose this business. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I am so upset over this. Thank you!!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 8 years ago

      Resellers do not need to contact Coach. I work for Coach and all they have to do is come in the store and buy, there is 3 item limit of each item. They can buy 10 Signature items and 10 Leather only, no more than that per week. It's obvious they are resellers when buying that much, but theres nothing Coach does UNLESS they give their name. THen they keep track of every time they come and will eventually send them a letter saying they can no longer shop at Coach. So resellers should always pay cash and never give their name!


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