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Benefits of Using Natural Makeup.

Updated on January 7, 2016

Natural Beauty.

Benefits of Using Natural Makeup.

The beauty industry has in the recent years experienced rapid growth and with this comes a need to bring in even better and healthier beauty products. Though natural makeup is a newbie in this industry, it has started making so much progress and this can be mainly attributed to its numerous benefits as well as the quest for better health by most users. This article will enlighten you on the benefits of making use of natural makeup.

1. Skin friendly.
Natural makeup is made of ingredients that are friendly to the skin. Unlike synthetic cosmetics that contain ingredients that clog the pores of the skin such as Butyl Stearate, this kind of makeup is non-comedogenic thus can be used on sensitive skin and by people with acne-prone skins. Their ingredients contain essential oils, useful minerals and nutrients that are necessary for the rejuvenation of skin cells thus using them will definitely improve the skin's health. They also keep the skin well moisturized as compared to their synthetic counterparts that tend to strip off natural essential oils from the skin thus leaving the skin dry and more vulnerable to infections. These natural cosmetics make use of Vitamin E and their essential oils to increase production of collagen which in turn increases the skin's elasticity thus slowing down the aging process and formation of wrinkles while keeping the skin smooth, flawless, vibrant and healthy.

2. Safer to use.
The skin is the largest body organ and whatever is applied onto it is usually absorbed into the body system. This makes it necessary for anyone to consider exactly what kind of makeup they apply on their skin. Natural makeup is tested and proven by dermatologists to be safe for use by humans. They are hypoallergenic mainly because they are made from natural ingredients that contain essential oils that are compatible to the natural oils of the skin, otherwise known as Sebum and these natural ingredients are not harmful if absorbed into the body. These cosmetics do not contain harsh chemical ingredients such as Mercury, Dioxane, Cuclomethicone and Hydroquinone, just to name a few, that may be harmful to internal body organs such as kidneys and the liver.

3. Eco-friendly.
Since these beauty products are mainly made up of natural ingredients including plant extracts, they are safe to the environment. They do not contain harmful chemicals or gases that cause environmental pollution and are mostly packed in recycled materials or containers thus environmentally friendly. In case they have to be thrown away, they easily disintegrate into the environment since they are biodegradable.

4. Compatible to all skin types.
Natural cosmetics are ideal for all skin types. They are found in a variety of colors, brands and types and you will never miss one that exactly matches your skin type. They can be used for oily, normal, dry, combination and even sensitive skin types since they do not contain harsh chemical ingredients and are also non-comedogenic. They have no side effects like synthetic cosmetics that can cause rashes, itchiness of the skin, redness of the skin, increased skin breakout or inflammation.

5. More affordable.
Using natural makeup could save you a couple of bucks since they are cheaper and more affordable than synthetic makeup. You should also consider discounts and cheaper prices offered by different brands. Depending on your budget, you could choose from more expensive designer brands or cheaper brands.

6. Natural.
Just as the name suggests, natural makeup is made of natural ingredients which are safe for human use and are eco-friendly. This kind of makeup is made up of carnauba wax, candelila wax, shea butter or jojoba oil among others which is easier to remove from the skin by a simple wipe or wash rather than using other chemical products. Natural makeup has great benefits which should be considered and used to achieve a healthier skin, body and safer environment as a whole.

What do you think about natural makeup? Have you ever used them? Are they up to standard? Feel free to drop a comment below. Thanks for visiting this hub.

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