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Benefits of Using Pumice Stone On Your Feet

Updated on September 14, 2016

Using A Pumice Stone

When I first heard about using a pumice rock on the rough skin on my feet, I thought it was quite ludicrous. Why not get some sandpaper? Its almost the same thing! I was told with a shake of the head by my wife, that I could use the pumice rock in the bath or shower, and it would heal my heels. The use of pumice stones have been around since the dawn of man. This type of rock presently is used on the calluses that were formed on my feet. Even thought the costs may be higher than other solutions, I decided to give it a try.

Pumice is usually a grey color, and very porous. The smaller the holes, the more effective the pumice will be on your skin. I have found larger holes in the pumice don't work as well. There are various colors of pumice rock, the lighter the color the more silica is in it. Pumice rock is also made from volcanoes. This type of rock is made by magma changing form in water being introduced and causing the molecules to not have enough time to shape.

The use of this rock to get rough dead skin from your heels is how you apply it. First you must remember, it is a rock, therefore hard and abrasive. However, if done right, the end result will be smooth fresh skin. You must be gentle when using the pumice, but firm when applying it to the rough spots. Be extra careful on sensitive parts or your skin. The feet or heels have calluses on them, and are the areas that are better use of the pumice rock.

Using the stone properly, you must first get your skin wet, preferably in a bathtub or shower. Immerse your feet for at least five to six minutes, and then use the pumice stone on the rough areas. Usually this would be the bottoms of your feet or your heels. Remember to rub gently back and forth, doing this firmly, but not too hard. This process will take off the rough areas of your feet. Usually you can do this treatment once, but it may take more than one time. After you take the skin off, and it feels smooth, make sure you use a natural lotion on the skin, or even Vaseline. Cover it all night with a sock. In the morning, you will be pleasantly surprise; your feet will be soft, clean and vibrant.


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      Tammy Favata 6 years ago

      Very informative.