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Best Anti Wrinkle Creams on the Market; What Really Works

Updated on June 14, 2013

History of Wrinkle Creams

Here are some of the best Anti wrinkle creams on the market today. With so many products on the market these days it is hard to know where to start, so I have listed products that are proven to really deliver results.

The fact is that wrinkle creams have come a long way since your mother was slathering on Jergen's , or Ponds cold cream. I recall having a genuine interest in skin care even as a child, and pre teen. This lead me to read some of the books about wrinkles, how to improve their appearance and hopefully, reverse them.

As it turned out, my early studies on wrinkles hit a dead end when I discovered that there was NOTHING on the market that could actually reverse wrinkles, Period! There were creams that could actually add moisture to the skin topically and as a result the skin looked less wrinkled, but when the effects of the cream wear off, women would be back to there wrinkled self again.

I read this in several books, by all the Dermatologists of the time, and it was the ugly reality. The wise lesson was not to not waste your money on anything expensive because they are no better than the cheap creams, and petroleum jelly was often used instead of cold cream. Even the true glamour girls from the 1940's such as Lana Turner used cheap drug store creams, knowing that the best they could provide was a slight and temporary improvement by creating a slick barrier between skin and makeup. From the golden days of Hollywood through the 1980's nothing really worked. Then came Retin A.

This was the first product that actually improved the overall look of wrinkles, and since that time there have been many products with active ingredients that will help tighten skin and reverse the signs of wrinkles.

The only problem now is which ones to buy....

Retin A

Retin A, also knows as tretinoin (vitamin A), works by improving blood supply to the skin by increasing dead skin cell turnover, as in youthful skin. Microscopic studies have shown that the structure of skin changes after diligent use of Retin A, is actually mimics the structure of young skin. Retin A is still considered a must for those who seriously wish to change their skin. It is available by prescription, and may be easily acquired at a med spa, where a Dermatologist is on staff.

Vitamin C Creams and Serums

As an Esthetician I used to recommend vitamin C creams, and Serums. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and protects the skin from free radical damage, such as sun, pollution, and smoke. Obagi has a very good serum that is very potent, however, there are many vitamin C creams on the market, and the best thing to do is choose one that is affordable so that you will keep using them.

Vitamin C not only protects the skin from free radical damage, but it provides circulation and clarity to the complexion, while at the same time, the antioxidant benefits reverse the signs of wrinkles.

Be sure to use these creams and serums in the morning and under sunscreen. Make it the first thing you put on your skin after cleansing, and let it absorb before applying moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup.

Copper Cream

One of the very best things that you can do for your skin is use a cream containing copper. They are not being pushed by the beauty magazines, or commercials right now, and even many of the med spas don't carry them, but when I confidentially asked a Dermatologist who I was temporarily working for what he thought the very best thing for anyone to do is he said "probably use a cream containing copper."

I did start using copper and saw results withing 3 weeks. There was definitely a tighter, and overall more radiant look to my complexion, and I feel as though I wake up looking better than I did when I went to sleep.


Buying what is affordable is the best thing to do as far as buying moisturizer. The rule here is the same one that was used in the 1940's -1980's. If you buy something expensive, there is no way you will keep using it, and the reason you are using this is to keep moisture in the skin, Jergen's is still on the market, is affordable and does the job. If you don't care to spend any money on a night moisturizer, you may use extra virgin olive oil. It is rich and contains powerful antioxidants.

If you have dry skin applying moisturizers often is a great way to keep the skin from every drying out too much. However, along with applying moisturizer, drinking plenty of water, and never becoming thirsty is the key to great skin.

Avoid Caffeine if possible, and keep hydrated with water, juice, and fresh fruit.

No product can take the place of good nutrition, so be sure to consider the foundation before spending the money on products.

Alphas and the Betas

Alpha- Hydroxy creams. They are usually affordable, and not as irritating as Retin A, however, they do cause a mild peeling, or sloughing of skin cells. These types of creams have been evidenced to increase collagen, and the overall thickness of the skin.

For a smoother and healthier glow to the complexion Alpha Hydroxy acids are a great addition to your beauty regimen.

What is the difference between the Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy?

Solubility is the difference. Alphas are water soluble and Betas are fat soluble

Fat soluble creams are better at penetrating the pores, meaning if you have acne breakouts, you may wish to look into BHA.

Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun after using either of these, and it is crucial that you wear sunscreen every day.


Temporary fixes.

This is one of my most recent discoveries. It is not a long term fix, but something to use when you wish to look your best. Babor wrinkle filler should be worn directly under makeup, and gives an immediate smooth look to any lines and imperfections. It is not to be slathered all over, but just dabbed lightly on crows feet, or wherever you have a wrinkle you would like to soften.

New Wonders

Cynergy TK is said to solve the sagging problem. This product has some very positive reviews, but nothing definite can be said as of yet. It is worth trying out, as it is reasonably priced and one may purchase body cream, eye cream, and day cream from Amazon at a reasonable price.

Cynergy TK is said to be a miracle ingredient and there is much hype surrounding it, and it will be some time before we have any real facts. Because it is still relatively new, the reviews are good, but we don't know if we are experiencing a placebo effect, or if this stuff is really what they claim it is.

Avon's ANEW Line


Recently, Avon's ANEW has been repeatedly rated as the top anti wrinkle cream on the market. Avon has long been considered to have the most affordable products with the best quality ingredients, but Avon's ANEW is now being considered the number one cream for tightening the skin as well as eliminating fine lines with regular use. Because Avon is not sold in department stores, their overhead is relatively low and therefore they can keep prices lower than brand name products that have a lot of padding in their prices to cover costs.

To order ANEW directly from Avon CLICK HERE.


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