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5 Best Deodorants For Women

Updated on July 11, 2017

Since it's summer outside, the problem of choosing the best and most suitable deodorant is very important. But there are hundreds of companies and brands making thousands of different deodorants, so finding perfect one is rather difficult.

I am making some polls from time to time in forums related to health and beauty and gather some advice from women who try different solutions. Today I'd like to publish advice on the best deodorant for women given by several respondents.

Advice From Polina_A

Deodorants is a "magic" topic for me. I'm still in search for my perfect deodorant. All drugstore brands don't satisfy me and don't keep their advertised promises. Rexona, Lady Speed Stick, Nivea... - don't work for me... Unfortunately I sweat very quickly from any move or when I'm nervous. Especially in the summer...

My favorite for now is Clarins Gentle Care. Of course it's much more expensive than drugstore brands, but at least it works. I like it.

Advice From Olzia

I have been looking for the best deodorant for women for many years... but unfortunately had only disappointments. Deodorants like Rexona, Nivea etc. don't help, besides because of them I had pain in the breast. Bought Lavilin deodorant, it seemed to work okay, but my happiness didn't last long - in a couple of weeks it started producing some sour smell which was difficult to remove, especially from clothes.

At last, I found Polish Soft Antiperspirant Roll-On by AA Deo. I bought it accidentally in one of the local drugstores, and, frankly, didn't expect much. But it worked miracles! When it's too hot, it can feel a bit wet, but not too much, besides it doesn't leave any white spots on my clothes.

Advice From Plushaa

Since high school I had real problem with sweating. I realized with horror that everyone is "normal", and I always have those wet spots under my arms... I used regular deodorants and antiperspirants, they fought the smell, but wet spots still remained with me... That's why 90% of all my summer clothes were in black... So, once, I was desperately looking for the best deodorant for women and found Maxim Strength Deodorant. Many people say it causes itching, yes, it does a little, but comparing to those wet spots it's nothing. At first you should use it every day only at night, before bed, then - as needed. It worked miracles! Now I use it once a week or even less, already forgot what wet armpits are. If used like this, it lasts for a year, so comes out really cheap. Hope this helps someone...

Advice From Ddgrad

It has been five years that I have no problems with sweat and spots on the clothes. Everything thanks to Israeli Lavilin deodorant cream.

It comes in different colors for women, men, and for the feet. I apply it after shower on dry armpits, and it lasts for 3-4 days, even if I take the shower, or swim in the sea. It doesn't contain alcohol and aluminum oxides. One jar lasts for 9-10 months, and costs $15.

Advice From Me

And to wrap the advice on best deodorant for women, I'll tell about the deodorant I recommend. I use Vichy deodorant. It really helps - no smell, no wetness (well, may be there is some when it's REALLY hot and I'm exercising). I found it several years ago while being in Europe, and use it till now. It's not cheap (costs about $15) and hard to find in the U.S. stores, but it can be found online - on Amazon or ebay. For those who travel to Europe, you can buy it there much cheaper in any drugstore.


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    • Shushanik profile image

      Shushanik 5 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      I love Vichy... Addicted to it :) Don't even want to try anything else :)

    • Vita Victoria profile image

      Vita Victoria 5 years ago from Cincinnati, OH

      Every time I travel to Israel I buy "FA" - deodorant and sprayer.. Surprisingly when I was there I haven't paid attention to Lavilin... I'll look into Vichy

    • brett-stephen profile image

      brett-stephen 5 years ago from Miami

      I Like Vichy and always prefer to used it, especially when I am traveling.

    • profile image

      lovedoctor926 5 years ago

      These are great brands.

      Since I live in Florida and it's so hot especially during the summertime, I carry a small sports deodorant in my gym bag and keep another one in my car.