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Best Unwanted Hair Removal Products for Men

Updated on August 22, 2014
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A slow revolution has been gaining foothold over the years when it comes to men’s perception of body hair. While in the past it was considered manly to have a chest full of hair, today that look is frowned upon as unappealing and backward.

Hair removal is done for both cosmetic and functional considerations such as hygiene and there are many products that are used for this purpose. These well-known brands come in many forms and users are spoilt for choice as to the products they can use.

A cursory look at the sales figures of men grooming products indicates an upward trend in sales that is expected to continue in the coming years. In fact, a recent survey showed there has been a large increase in sales of facial creams in the last year.

The reasons given for hair removal by men vary with around 34% saying they do it for aesthetic reasons, 14% for hygiene reasons and 16% doing it because of the physical activities that they have to engage in on a daily basis.

For those who do it for aesthetic reasons, their main motivation is to impress the fairer gender which has shown time and again their preference of smooth skin which they find extremely sensual. This shows that despite the common notion that being overly concerned with hair removal by men is a sign of their orientation, it is in fact done for mainly practical reasons.

Hair Removal

For both men and women, hair removal is still considered to be a necessary but unpleasant chore that they must perform on a regular basis especially in the hot months of summer.

It is therefore important for them that they find the quickest and most practical solutions to their unwanted hair problem.

There are a number of products and techniques that can be used for hair removal, but each differs in terms of effectiveness and practicability:

Shaving Razor

Razors are time-tested tools for men who want to look good real fast economically and are used by a large percentage of men for hair removal. When used with a good shaving foam that has been enriched with moisturizers, razors are best suited for the removal of facial hairs such beards.

Razors can still be used on other parts of the body such as chest, back, legs or underarms but are not very effective as these are sensitive areas. In fact, improper shaving can lead to problems such as ingrowth and consequently uncomfortable moles.

Depilatory creams and gels

Just like shaving razors depilatory creams and gels are used by a large number of men for hair removal. The principle behind these products is really quite simple – they contain an alkaline agent that essentially dissolves the hair during the exposure period and are washed off during the rinse.

The depilatory creams and gels are enriched with moisturizers that are designed to prevent allergic risks. However, the effects of these products is short-lived and you will start seeing regrowth within a couple of days as they do not destroy the roots of the hairs.

Depilatory wax strips

This is a more effective method for hair removal by men who are perfectionists and do not want to see any evidence of hair on their body. They are basically bands that are warmed for a few seconds using body heat then attached to the target area.

The wax strips are then yanked quickly (albeit a bit painfully) to remove the hairs together with their roots. Removal of hair using depilatory wax strips is more effective due to the root removal and regrowth is much slower at three weeks to a month.

Any subsequent regrowth results in finer hairs due to the reduction in the density of hair roots under the skin. The strips usually come with finishing swipes that are used for removing any waxy residue that is left after the procedure.

Electric mowers and Epilators

A small proportion of men will use electric mowers for hair removers due to the fact as they are easy to use, economical, and fast and do not result in cuts like the manual razors do.

Removal hairs using electric mowers is not a permanent solution as they will grow back within two or three days. Electric epilators on the other hand are effective tools for the removal of hairs in small and hard to reach areas of the body such as the nape, shoulders and buttocks.

Though they are time consuming as the hairs have to be plucked in small bits, the end result is that the hair will not grow back easily (if at all) due to the removal of the root hairs.

Waxing Salons

Though used by fewer men than other options, waxing salons provide professional services and the staff are highly skilled in the business of hair removal.

These services are quite costly and you will normally find professional sportspeople using them. So the next time you admire the back of your favourite swimmer or the clean shoulders and legs of top notch cyclists, be sure that they have visited these salons.

Is there such a thing as permanent hair removal?

Truth be told, there is probably no such thing as permanent hair removal and regular removal sessions will be the norm if you are to maintain a hairless appearance.

The most effective hair removal technique is probably the laser as is can process large areas of the body and does not lead to skin injury.

While the method will result in hair removal of a large area of the body, it does not do it completely. It normally take you up to 4 sessions of 15 to 40 minutes spread over three months for a thorough removal job to be done.

Though not entirely painless, this process is more effective than waxing and one feels only a slight discomfort when the laser is passing over the skin. Laser hair removal should however not be done after a vacation when your skin is turned as this will lead to burning.

Before going for this removal method, make sure that you consult a dermatologist as they are in a better position to give you the best advice.


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