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Best Stubborn Hair Styling Products for Men

Updated on February 13, 2023
Slicked back with fingertips
Slicked back with fingertips | Source

Why Styling is Important

My first non video game themed hub but I thought I would share my experience on hair styling products I use as it’s something I’ve been doing since a very young age so like to think I know a little bit about it and would say it’s one of my favourite features of ‘me’! I like being able to have the ability to style my hair in the way I want rather than letting it just ‘be’. I’d say your haircut and style can have a big impact in all areas of your life from getting a job to looking good on a date.

For some people who have quite stubborn hair it’s the perfect way to create your own unique style and at the end of the day it’s all about expressing yourself – just like you would with the clothes you wear or the car you drive. How you look makes an impression on people. This article is for people who either aren’t sure about what hair products to use, have never used them and are a bit curious or are just searching for that perfect product. I’m ‘hair’ to help... god that was bad, even for me!

For those who are interested I’m going to mention some of the different types of stubborn hair styling products for guys, what they are, how to use them and their differences as well as a few core tips on hair product usage. Girl’s can also use the products as well but it’s slightly more relevant for the guys.


Hair Gel

This is probably the most common hair styling product you would have heard of. It’s been commonly used since the 1960s (The Fonz is proof of that!) and has enabled a lot of styles which wouldn’t have normally been possible. The slick back style of the Rock ‘n’ Roll era to the spiky hairstyles of the Punk era – they didn’t happen by magic and hair gel helped sculpt people’s look decades ago. The consistency of hair gel is gelatinous, almost gooey and translucent depending on the brand. It can also be quite sticky. Like with many of the hair styling products the aim is to create a style and then keep it in place. Hair gel’s tend to come in either tubs or plastic squeeze tubes. Some hair gels allow you to have a shiny look to the hair whilst others are there to keep your hair quite rigid and in place. It’s completely up to you which one you use but I tend to use one that’s in between the two.

Usage – You put a small amount in your palm (about the size of a penny), rub hands together and rub in either dry or damp hair. If your hair is very slightly damp the hair is much more flexible and easier to style.

My Recommendation - L'Oreal Studio Line Invisi' Gel

This stuff is like the anti-gel of the gel world. It literally feels like water when you rub in your hands. No stickiness, no greasiness and gets absorbed by the hair really quickly. I like this one because it’s really different from all the others on the market and if you’re going to use a gel why not use one that’s smooth, quick to apply (under a minute quick) and good quality. It’s great when I’m in a rush and don’t want my hair to look too rigid.

Schwarzkopf Got2b Glued Water Resistant Spiking Glue

Hair Wax - Hair Putty/ Hair Glues/ Pomade

Hair Wax has a very different consistency to hair gels. It also doesn’t dry the hair out as much and many have no alcohol used in them. Now you might be thinking...putty is kids toy and glue is for DIY... well you’d be... kind of right still. BUT using some super awesome magic (note: super awesome magic may differ from product to product) there are hair styling products that use them as their base. Hair Putty and Hair Glues are generally white, not translucent and less sticky to the touch. These weren’t around when I was younger or at least there was very minimal marketing for them, but I would say in my experience I prefer them to hair gels. I find that have a better scent to them, aren’t as hard to remove from your hair as hair gel and last much longer as you need less of it to create your style. In a strange way hair gel has become the dinosaur of the hair styling world to give way to some of the better types of hair styling products available.

Pomade is slightly different in the wax family as it is much harder to remove than Hair Glue or Hair Putty and can be used on dry hair with a little more ease. It gives your hair more of a matte sheen – it’s more rigid to the touch. A hairdresser ex-girlfriend introduced it to me but it didn’t fly with me to be honest. When I mixed it with a little Hair Glue though it seemed to give a better balance and effect. That being said it’s still low on my ‘go to’ hair product as it’s more of a pain to use. As an aside guys, if your girlfriend is a professional hairdresser, cuts and styles your hair for you, then you say you preferred it the way it was before – you’re in the doghouse!

Usage – For Hair Glue and Hair Putty. Use on damp hair! If you use it on dry hair... well let’s just say it may look a bit like the scene in ‘There’s Something About Mary’ and leave it at that!

For Pomade – Bit more complicated this one, you need to warm the product in your hands for a few minutes by rubbing them together to allow the fibres to become more relaxed. You need to be more precise about using Pomade and it will take longer to apply. Also, especially with Pomade you will need a good shampoo to remove it completely from the hair.

My Recommendation – Schwarzkopf Got2b Glued Water Resistant Spiking Glue

I genuinely wish this stuff was around when I was younger! Hands down the best hair styling product and the only hair styling product I use pretty much daily. It lasts for ages, you need a tiny amount to have good effects, it’s not greasy and washes out easily. It sticks to the hair nicely even in the rain. It’s especially good for spiking for longer hair but great for short cuts too to look pretty sharp. If I had to pick one from the ones I am listing this is the best and it’s really reasonably priced for the quality. Whenever my supermarket has a deal on them I buy a good few of these bad boys – sorts me for ages!

How To Style With Gel

General Tips

1. Always wash the hair styling product out with water and a tiny bit of soap before you go to bed. If you don't it may mark your pillows and it's also not good for your scalp leaving it in. It will cause your scalp to be dryer than normal and may cause some dandruff which nobody wants!

2. You can apply some of these products into dry hair but I always use a tiny bit of water as it makes the product last longer and easier to massage into your hair.

3. You only need a really small amount for it to be effective. Don't try to put tons and tons in as is won't be great for your hair.

4. Try mixing a little wax based product on first and then top off with a gel based product. You'll get the hold and definition from the wax with the sleek finishing coat from the gel making your hair look less dry and healthier with more of a sheen.

Do you use hair styling products?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Olly


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