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Best Kate Spade Handbags

Updated on January 18, 2012

Kate Spade New York is a designer brand that has taken the world by storm lately with their line of fashion accessories, particularly handbags. Before we go into details and take a look at some of her latest line of accessories, we shall take a look at the history of Kate Spade. Born in 1962, Katherine Brosnahan started her trade in the fashion industry working for Mademoiselle Magazine in Manhattan, slowly working her way up the industry ladder before leaving the magazine in 1991 when she was the magazine’s senior fashion editor. With entrepreneurship success in mind, she launched ‘Kate Spade handbags’ in 1993, a design company that specializes in handbags before opening her very own Kate Spade boutique in SoHo in 1996.

Since then, Kate Spade is known for incorporating wit, utility and sophistication in the line of products it designs that has grown from handbags to shoes and bath items. As of 2009, there are a total of over 90 Kate Spade boutiques all over the world, majority of them in United States and Japan. The brand has won many accolades throughout the years including America’s New Fashion Talent in Accessories and Best Accessory Designer of the Year in 1998, making her handbags highly-desired items in the market.

From totes to clutch purses to laptop messenger bags to the classic looking Stevie bags, Kate Spade incorporates a graceful yet exuberant approach to handbag designs that have made Kate Spade New York a recognized name in the fashion accessory world.

Those with an obsession with all-things pink would definitely love the Kate Spade Lenox Hill Stevie bag that is completely adorned in bright hibiscus pink throughout. The Lenox hill Stevie bag would appeal to the fashion prima-donna who wants to have a fashion accessory that screams for attention at the top of its lungs. Trimmed with genuine boar skin leather, and lined with a nylon Dot Noel pattern, this handbag is a definite must have for the fashion divas that are dying for a handbag that would definitely go faux pas.

Looking for a multi-purpose bag if you are a businesswoman with a young toddler? Well, look no further than the Kate Spade Chattanooga Baby/Laptop bag. Comes with a removable and easy to clean nylon lining, the Chattanooga bag has ample enough space for a mid-sized laptop if you are going to a business meeting or if you are going to the park for a picnic with your loved ones, it contains four oversized inside slip pockets for bottles, diapers and snacks for your toddler. With its simplistic horizontal-lined design with boss red trimmings, the Chattanooga bag is definitely practical and can be used anywhere and anytime.

Kate Spade clutch purses are to die for and now that the purse has been designed to act as a wristlet as well, it has become absolutely divine. With a variety of colors to boot to match your dress for any occasion, the clutch purse is full leather and decently sized so you can carry it on your wrist. A perfect accessory for dinner at a restaurant, the clutch purse cum wristlet offers complete versatility for you to keep personal effects and your cell phone.

Ignore the cliché designed wallets of Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade wallets are the in thing in fashion right now. The Prince Street Neda wallet uses a delightful array of colors that most definitely complement each other and intricately designed to appeal to everyone. With enough space for twelve cards, two bill pockets and a zippered pocket for coins, the Kate Space wallet offers complete practicality for the modern women. With pastel colors of green, pink and black outline with a cream colored interior, the Prince Street Neda will definitely please your senses aesthetically.

For those looking for a perfect handbag to bring to school and impress your college mates, the Kate Spade Canvas bag that comes in a gorgeous two-toned black and cream will definitely score top marks for you. With plenty of pouches and pockets, the canvas bag can be filled with your notes, stationeries and even some of your makeup accessories when you feel the urge to look stunning. Practical in nature, the canvas bag will complement your fashion sense and whatever you decide to wear on any given day.

However, be warned that because Kate Spade products value its simplicity and classy design and it has become such high demand accessories in the fashion market, there have been plenty of Kate Spade counterfeit products on sale on the internet or on the streets. Kate Spade products are of outstanding quality so ensure the authentic Kate Spade care card is available when you buy your product and ensure your product is adorned with the 14K gold plated Kate Spade signature hardware mark. Have fun shopping Kate Spade products! Or care to take a look at Authentic Coach Handbags?!

Kate Spade Handbags

kate spade pink handbag
kate spade pink handbag


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      Ella 7 years ago

      The pink tote is just ok!

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      zoe 7 years ago

      i like this color, which is my fave. the pink!!!

      my skin matches pink perfectly!!!