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Best Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Updated on July 15, 2013

Blue eyes standout by themselves. They don't need too much accentuation to make them look attractive. Application of too much eyeshadow may even overdo it and may ruin the once amazing eyes you had.

It is rare to have this perfect kind of eyes and once you have it, you flaunt it. It is one of the most beautiful assets any person could have. There are many celebrities who have this rare gift. One of them is our most favorite Wonder Woman herself, the famous Lynda Carter. She may not be in the spotlight anymore and may have appeared in lesser movies and TV series than she used to but the memory of that very beautiful body, very enchanting charm and perfect blue eyes would leave a very special mark in our hearts.

Maegan Fox is another actress who is gifted with those perfectly colored blue eyes. With her attractive blue eyes, together with her voluptuous and perfectly-toned body, she has become one of the most favorite young stars of today.

When applying makeup for this kind of eye color or even any other eye color, it is important that the shades you use would accentuate the facial features of your subject. A person with this type alone already looks attractive even just with their natural eye color but once it is highlighted and the right shades are applied, the woman's beauty even becomes more enchanting.

Below are some tips on how to apply makeup to a woman with amazing blue eyes.

1.) When applying makeup for this specific eye type, it is necessary to use colors that would compliment and enhance the color blue. The colors bronze and light copper would be perfect complementing colors. If you want to make sure, you can always try to match swatches of the colors blue and copper on your wrist and check the effect it has. You can also do some experimental makeup to see the results that it will give you.

2.) The bronze accent would even look hotter for those with darker skin tone or tanned skin. It will emphasize a woman's features more and will give a perfectly complimented blue eyes. When you need to match it up with an evening wear, try using a metallic eyeshadow or a shimmery one to add drama and effect to your whole ensemble.

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