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Best Makeup Tutorials for Summer!

Updated on August 5, 2014

In this particular makeup entry I wanted to post a few of my favorite summer makeup tutorials from makeup artist julieg713. She goes step-by-step to ensure the application she's helping you with goes as smoothly as possible. And while some of them may not especially be made for summer, for they would look great during the season.

This isn't for the office, this is for a hot summer night out :-D

You can substitute the green eye shadow for other colors and get the look you desire. She usually has a list of all of the cosmetics she uses on each individual look under her videos under their descriptions.

Under this particular video I loved this person's comment that was posted directly on youtube's website: "It's not about wearing colorful makeup for the sake of looking better, it's about self expression and having fun with it. It's our faces, and the makeup community is all about inspiration and expression through the use of color and new makeup techniques. It's not about being "made up" all day to be perfect. If you don't agree with wearing colorful makeup, and don't understand our reasoning for it, why troll on the video?"

That's the way I feel. I've always played around with makeup. There are certain looks that I will wear in the privacy of my home that I wouldn't dare wear out in public. There are a lot of people that have tons of makeup stashed in their bathrooms and bedrooms, but you mainly on see them sticking with a particular (probably muted) shades of lip gloss when they go out. Sometimes makeup application for some people is the equivalent to reading or knitting for other people. Don't judge...let us have fun ;-).


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