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Mermaid Costumes

Updated on March 16, 2017

The mermaid costume is a perfect choice if you want a sexy look without necessarily baring too much skin. For a his-and-hers set your partner can go as a pirate, diver, sailor or fisherman (or woman). Then you can have some fun getting 'reeled in'.

In 2015 Cynthia Geurts actually tried to get a patent on the design of a wearable mermaid tail. It seems a rather preposterous idea given 1) the design is obvious to anyone with a brain, and 2) hundreds of people have already made costume tails. But you can't blame a girl for trying.

This article provides some ideas for a mermaid costume of your own, but it store bought or home-made. For a discussion of mermaid tails that can be actually used in the water, please see this article.


Best Woman's Pre-Made Costume

The Mermaid Elite Collection costume has an 'adult' look but still covers a reasonable amount of skin compared to some of the more 'sex-i-fied' versions. In fact it is getting rather difficult to find costumes for women that cover more skin than they leave exposed. It also gives specific bust waist and hip measurements for each of the six available sizes (small to XL). Make sure you order the right size! This is a close-fitting costume and not 'one size fits most'.

The costume includes:

  • A dress made up of a stretchy pink corset and blue sequined shirt. It has shell-shaped accents, a back zipper, and ruffled organza tail.
  • Pink sequin starfish headpiece attached to a clear headband with feather, ribbons, and bead accents.

The down side of a well-made costume is price, in this case hovering around $50-100 depending on vendor and discount. But for style, quality and range of sizing this would be my top pick.

Best Woman's Home-Made Costume

This kidnapped mermaid costume is really cute. And it also comes with extensive instructions so you can make your won... albeit with a rather significant amount of time, effort, and mad skills. Check out the comments section to see versions of the same basic costume idea costume made by other costume creators.

Best Girl's Pre-Made Costume

The Mermaid of the Sea is a sea of dress and headpiece in polyester. I would suggest pairing it with the seaweed boa. You should expect to pay $15-30 and the costume runs small.

Notes on Women's Costumes

It is sometimes a good idea to model you costume on an iconic mermaid character such as the Little Mermaid (Disney version) with her distinctive bright red hair. This allows you to more freely interpret the design, but still be recognizable as a mermaid to most people.

Best Girl's Home Made Costume

I like this costume because it avoid the whole tail and wig trope, but still conveys the idea of a creature of the sea with flared pants, a cape and wire headpiece.

However I have to mention this child's costume, in rather questionable taste.

Best Pet's Home Made Costume

I think this terrier makes an adorable mermaid, or possibly merman. The original creator of this costume is unknown. If you know the source of this picture please let me know.

Celebrity Versions

Both Bette Midler and Lady Gaga are famous for performing as mermaids in a wheelchair.

Merman Costumes

Amd don't forget, that there are mermen to go with these mermaids. If your guy is confident enough to carry off a fish tail you can find one here. But he may have to put up with having people ask all night if they are a 'male mermaid'. So it might be better to go with the Poseidon costume shown right with a toga and drape. It can be worn with ot without a shirt depending on how much he wants to show off.

Inspiration List

I will list any other good mermaid costumes I find here, for inspiration:

...and of course, Mer-dogs

Should you happen to have a dog cooperative enough.


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    • profile image

      Beth37 4 years ago

      Haha, that is hilarious. I wondered how the girl in the first picture was gonna do much at the party. "Just lay me down in the corner, I'll be fine." The kidnapped mermaid is a great idea. Good hub... nice ad too. ;)

    • profile image

      MickeyJames 5 years ago

      I’m flattened for your blogs writings and blogs as well.

    • DIYweddingplanner profile image

      DIYweddingplanner 7 years ago from South Carolina, USA

      I'm a mermaid nut, so you know I'm gonna have to try the kidnapped mermaid one!