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Best Mens Motorcycle Boots

Updated on October 22, 2012

If you're a serious biker, odds are you own a pair of biker boots. Generally speaking, the traditional style is still pretty much the "in" style, but they don't necessarily look good on everyone. Harley makes a line of footwear that looks pretty high quality, but you won't find their boots on this list, because I hate seeing the logo on the boot exterior. I think it's tacky -- but, clearly, I'm in the minority, because loads of men and women walk around in them.

The boots you see below are boots that I find simple and sexy. I think they can be worn by most men without making them look silly. That's not to say there aren't alternatives -- there surely are. But when I write articles like this one, and the previous one on biker jackets, I tend to include items that I think are universal. Cos, well, I don't want someone writing me to say that I told them they'd look good in something only Brad Pitt could wear. Take a look and tell me which you prefer.

Durango Oiled Harness Boot

I like Durango boots. They're comfortable, and they look good. These boots have a nice square toe, and have a nice, natural coloring. Normally, I'm not into black biker boots, because they tend to look a bit shiny for my tastes. But these look supple and sleek, without making a man look like he frets over the state of his shoes.

Held's Nevada Boot

At first glance, I thought these boots were pretty fug. A few seconds later, I decided these could look really, really hot. You'd need to be wearing jeans, of course -- the darker, the better, since the leather is so rich in color -- but the buckles are fab. I don't even usually like buckles on men's boots, but these are pretty hawt. Kind of superhero-ish, without making you look like a prat.

Streetfighter Boots

Some guys don't like the idea of wearing leather boots, nor do they like the traditional boot style. That's fine; get you a pair like this. These are incredibly sexy under a pair of jeans. I love the material. Again, slightly superhero-ish.

Chippewa Harness Boot

Another pair of traditionally styled biker boots, these come from Chippewa. I really love the coloring; there is no reason why you need to wear black. Dark brown and tan are fantastically sexy colors to wear with jeans. Try them on the next time you're in the shop, you'll see what I mean.

RST Vortex Boot

Ok, very non-traditional here, and not really intended for the Harley crowd, but who cares? If you want to stand out in a crowd, these are your boots. They've made the list because they remind me of Christian Bale in Batman Begins. Probably not for everyone, but most of you could wear them with the right jeans.


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