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Best Platinum engagement rings under $1000 2014

Updated on April 5, 2014

Platinum Engagement Rings

Best Platinum Engagement Rings Under $1000

This page will help you choose from some of the best platinum engagement rings under $1000.

Choosing an engagement ring is very difficult, however if you have opted for a platinum ring that is half the battle. Weddings are expensive events so perhaps you may want to save some money on your engagement ring. Fortunately there are many quality platinum engagement rings which are available for under $1000.

Below you will find the best platinum engagement rings priced at under $1000 and some decisions you need to make before you buy.

Best Platinum Engagement rings under $1000

When choosing a platinum engagement ring there are several things you need to take into account. It is important to remember that platinum will dull over time as the ring ages

Price- If you set your price at $1000 or under you should be able to get a quality Platinum well finished ring with a small diamond. You may want to splash out more on an engagement ring but remember you have to save money for your wedding day and possibly a deposit for a house so $1000 and under is a good price to stick too.

Gemstones - these are one of the most important part of your fiance's engagement ring. Choose wisely. Some girls prefer a smaller diamond and it is possible to purchase a diamond platinum engagement ring for under $1000 as shown to the right. Others may prefer colored gemstones as shown above. Black Friday sales mean that these rings are greatly reduced at this moment in time. A platinum engagement ring with a colored gemstone can look fantastic, but it may not be practical, so make sure your girlfriend is in agreement before you purchase. There are some examples of Platinum engagement rings with gemstones above.

Make sure you pick your jeweler wisely when purchasing a platinum engagement ring.



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