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Best Under Eye Treatment for Puffiness Under the Eyes

Updated on December 16, 2015
Best Under Eye Treatment for Puffiness Under the Eyes
Best Under Eye Treatment for Puffiness Under the Eyes

Stress, wearing eye contacts for long periods of time, hormonal fluctuations, allergies to cosmetics, and frequent crying are often the causes of puffiness under the eyes.

If you are looking for a non-surgical solution to this problem, this hub will tell you the best under eye treatment for puffiness under the eyes.

This treatment is by RegenFX. It is a quick, easy, and very effective aid to reducing the appearance of under eye puffiness.

I gave this product a go because it had and continues to have very good reviews, and I was also desperate to find the best solution before shelling out a lot of money for trying different products. I highly recommend it. Please read on to consider if this eye de-puffing treatment is right for you.

Best Under Eye Treatment for Puffiness Under the Eyes
Best Under Eye Treatment for Puffiness Under the Eyes
  • RegenFX Total Regeneration Eye Gel reduced the appearance of under eye puffiness by 92% in test subjects. While results vary, this reduction percentage has been very consistent, and in my case I would see less puffiness within 15 minutes of application. When the bags under my eyes were reduced in appearance, I also used less makeup to try to cover them up and so had a boost of confidence that I really needed at a really stressful point in my life.

  • This is a non-surgical treatment. There are many people who for moral, ethical, health, or other reasons do not want to try plastic surgery. Using the gel is very quick and requires no healing time. Why should you allow a doctor to perform surgery on you if you can cosmetically help improve your own appearance? -- especially since the serum treatment only takes minutes a day.

  • The RegenFX Total Regeneration Eye Gel is a much smaller investment than surgery. For under $45, you get a product that improves your appearance on a daily basis. Plastic surgery comes with a high price that many people do not want to pay, and sometimes the risks outweigh the benefits. For many, cosmetic surgery is also strictly un-affordable.

  • I have used this product personally and was initially drawn to it because I was doing a lot of crying during a period in my life in my 20s, which was giving me constant puffiness. I was aging prematurely in the face because of this. The RegenFX Total Regeneration Eye Gel carried me through a very stressful time and helped me look visually better than I ever could have on my own. I applied the product over the skin under my eyes right after getting out of the shower while my skin was still wet. And wow, what an improvement each morning! The one treatment in the morning carried me through the day.

Irritants that Cause Puffiness Under the Eyes

  • Cosmetics. You could be allergic to your eye makeup or foundation. Often the solution is to switch to a brand that provides you with relief.
  • Contact Lenses or Solution. Even if you have been wearing eye contacts or your solution for many years, you could develop an allergy to it. For some people, puffiness under the eyes is a common allergic response to irritants in the ocular area.

Other Ways to Reduce Puffiness Under the Eyes:

  • Reducing stress. Your under eye puffiness might not be permanent. If you are going under a lot of stress or have bouts of crying on a daily basis, these WILL give you puffiness. This is because both stress and heavy crying cause inflammation.

    And in some people the under eye area is severely affected. With time and alleviation of stress, your eye area will improve. "Healthy mind, healthy body."

  • Showering in the morning. Your body accumulates toxins in the evening in your sleep, and your circulation is also greatly reduced at this time. So when you wake up, you see the results of this under your eyes. When you shower, your circulation increases, and the steam and water help re-energize your skin. For a double whammy, first shower, then apply RegenFX Total Regeneration Eye Gel to your under eye area as soon as you towel your body off. You will see a marked improvement under your eyes this way.

I am not a dermatologist and am writing from my own experiences with this de-puffer. I hope you like this product as much as I do!


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