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Best gold engagement rings under $200 in 2014

Updated on April 6, 2014

Gold Engagement Ring

Beautiful yellow gold engagement ring
Beautiful yellow gold engagement ring | Source

Best gold engagement rings under $200

Are you searching for a cheap yet elegant gold engagement ring? This page will provide you with some gold engagement rings costing under $200.

There are many quality elegant engagement rings on the market under $200. These rings are available in both yellow and white gold, and come with or without diamonds depending on your individual preference. The diamonds set in gold engagement rings under $200 are very tiny as diamonds are expensive, however they are big enough to be noticed and make your hand look pretty. The price of an engagement ring is not important as it is more important the love shared between two people. Finally the money saved on an engagement ring can be out towards your wedding.

Getting engaged does not have to break the bank and leave your wallet empty, here are some of the best gold engagement rings under $200.

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Good Discounts on Engagement Rings

Quite often you can get an engagement ring that normally costs $400 for less than $200. This is the best type of bargain. Just make sure the ring is available in your size!

Some of these promotions run all year long whilst some only happen at special times of the year.

Best gold engagement rings under $200

When looking for a gold engagement ring there are several choices you have to make. One of the biggest decisions is setting your budget, and if you are looking for a gold engagement ring under $200 you have already made that decision.

The next decision you need to make is whether to buy a yellow gold, white gold or two tone ring. This choice will depend on the color of jewelery your girlfriend currently wears. If she loves silver she may stick to a white gold engagement ring so that it matches the rest of her jewelry.

Next you will need to consider whether she wants solitary diamond or a row of diamonds, or a combination. The larger the diamond the bigger the price tag. However it is still possible to afford a large diamond when spending $200 or under on a gold engagement ring.

The Three rings on the left are my favorite gold engagement rings under $200. Both rings are currently being sold with a discount. Shopping for an engagement ring during sales is an excellent time to net a bargain.

Most Popular Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Under 200 Dollars

Cubic zirconia engagement ring
Cubic zirconia engagement ring | Source

Cheap yellow gold engagement ring with cubic zirconia

This beautiful 14K yellow gold engagement ring is available from size 4 to size 9 so that it fits most women. It comes with a gift box so that you can present this to the lady whenever you are proposing.

Amazon rating is 5 stars. Some people have noted that the stone has excellent clarity and sparkle that makes it look like a real diamond, without paying the hefty price tag.

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