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Best hair conditioner to make your straight hair straighter

Updated on June 12, 2012

Some women with curly hair wants their hair to make it straight. Those women who have straight hair wants their hair to become more straighter. If you have curly hair and you undergo hair straightening treatment and products to make your hair straighter, do not forget to include cream silk hair conditioner stand out straight on your daily hair treatment routine.

Wash your hair everyday

To make your hair straighter, wash your hair everyday with any kind of shampoo. After washing your hair with shampoo, use the same amount of hair conditioner onto your hair and lather gently from roots to tips. After 2 minutes you can wash your hair with water.

You can avoid oily hair by washing it everyday. If you do not wash your hair for 3 days, you will notice that your hair is very oily and tangled.

Best use of hair conditioner

For best result, you can use a big mug, put some water in it, put small amount of cream silk hair conditioner then mix it gently. You cannot mix it completely because hair conditioner are made up of oil. If your hair is waist long, put the tips of your hair inside the mug with water and let it absorb the hair conditioner for one minute. After that, pour the mixture of water and hair conditioner on the top of your hair and let it go down from roots to tips.

Rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Pat your hair dry. Avoid using hair dryer because it can cause hair split ends.

After your hair are completely dry, you will be surprised how soft and straight your hair becomes. Your hair will become very soft without greasy feeling.

Best hair conditioner

In the Philippines, Cream Silk is the #1 hair conditioner. Its the best conditioner I have ever tried. I am currently now out of Philippines and It's very difficult to find cream silk pink. I notice one time that 1 Filipina took about 3 cream silk hair conditioner from the shelves of carrefour, I am not sure why she takes 3 cream silk, maybe her friends ask her to buy for them or maybe she is afraid that it will be out of stock again after few days.

If you think Filipina's hair are nice, try using cream silk hair conditioner and feel the difference.

Cream silk video commercial


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