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Best womens watches under $200

Updated on April 3, 2015

Invicta Watch Picture

Best women's watches under $200

This page will provide details of the best womens watches under $200.

It can be rather difficult finding a quality watch for under $200 as there are so many on the market. Some of these watches are well worth their money while others are enormously overpriced. It is probably best to stick to reputable branded watches such as those made by Citizen and Invicta to ensure that you are getting good value for money. There are also fashion watches made by Guess which will look good on your arm day and night

Below you will find the best women's watches under $200 as rated by Amazon shoppers. These watches cost under $200 and have excellent reviews of at least 4 star.

Best women's gold watch under $200

The Michael Kors gold watch to the left is currently well discounted on Amazon with as much as 29% off it's retail price which is $250. The watch has been on the Amazon bestsellers list for a while and it ranks at 23 overall in the watch category. Reviews have been positive with people saying:-

'The watch is beautiful and very stylish. Yes, it's definitely larger than an average ladies watch, but this is the midsized version, so it's not huge like the oversized one'

'EVERY time I wear it out, I get compliments on it from girls AND guys. I love that it's waterproof so I never have to take it off when washing dishes, at the beach, etc. It matches everything and looks great with anything'


Best women's silver watch under $200

Invicta are well known for making quality watches at a reasonable price and this Invicta silver watch is no different. It has received 4 stars out of 5 from Amazon reviews and is currently in the top 300 watches sold at Amazon. Here is what people are saying about the Invicta silver Wildflower watch:-

'I bought this watch as a gift to my wife, and I have to tell that she got extremely happy with this gift. Thanks Invicta for developing such an excellent watch model. It is a little big but looks very good in a woman wrist, very feminine. The mother of pearl face is a very beautiful detail, it reflects the light with different light colors that povides a very nice visual effect'

Best women's fashion watch under $200

A womens fashion watch should be trendy and desirable and I believe this Citizen watch is both these things. Citizen watches are quality watches and well worth their money. This watch has the advantage of not having a battery.The watch is discounted and costs over $200 with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Here are what Amazon shoppers say:-

'I love my Citizen Watch. It is a beautiful accessory to any outfit. I will always want an eco-drive from now on. Not having to worry about a battery is a wonderful thing.'

' The pink dial is very pretty and "pearly" looking, and the diamond accented bezel is eye-catching. I like that the hour and minute hands, and the hour markings, illuminate in the dark.'

Best women's dress watch under $200

A women's dress watch should be elegant and stylish and look good on a night out on the town or while dining at a posh restaurant. Fortunately there are several watches under $200 which satisfy this criteria. One such watch is the Bulova Women's 96R105 Diamond Accented Calendar Watch, which is currently half price on Amazon.

The watch is very popular for women and is rated at 17 in women's dress watches and has a rating of 5 out of 5. Here are what people are saying about the Bulova Diamond Calendar watch:-

'It's much nicer than the picture shows, it solid and well built and has a beautiful sparkle to it'

'This watch is beautiful and sturdy, I've already knocked it on several metal or hard surfaces and there aren't any scratches on the face.'

Best womens watches under $200

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I agree. Check out other websites olnine for better prices!! Also, the list price that is displayed on the live tv seems to be adjusted way too high, like its priced at list plus some more. I saw some swis legend neptunes on another watch website, identical to a specific model shown on wow, for over 20.00 less then priced on wow. Al im saying is .check around first. Also, many of the watches i have purchased at wow always seem to be chintzy, weightless, seem to have no substantial weight, etc compared to other similar watches. I wont buy from them anymore. Prices seem funny, one high up person on the wow tv talks constantly and doesn't s___ u_, like some of us were tought that when someone tries to talk up astorm, beware that something may be attempted to be slippedby you as they are to busy talking. Alo one of my biggest issues i have with them is that on i would say 7 out of every 10 watches displayed show the seconds hand off alignment!!! it never aligns up exactly on the marker on the dial. This also was the situation for most of thev watches i ever bought from wow. One must either go through the hassel of returning the watch for another one, hoping that it will line up, or take the initial one bought to a local jeweler and have them manually realign the seconds hand with the markers. They don't even bother to put up on the tv screen watches that do line up ..nust slap up any watch despite the misalignment that is visible in plain view, not to mentionwhen they do closeups even, and focus on sell sell sell sell with catch words like you need to buy this watch, you must buy this watch, you just have to buy this watch. Also, so much emphesis is placed on themtouting that this or that watch is swiss made, never once have i ever heRd them give a definition of or explain onN wow tv live, what the term swiss made' really means. I read an article in a specific watch magazine about kobold watches, and where mr. K himself defined swiss made as meaning that only something like for a watch to be marked termed as swiss made, only like at least 50% must be actually made in switzerland ..not the whole 100% of the watch as they make it sound like on tv. Don't take my word for this, do your own homework and look it up its out there. Many other pet peeves about wow tv. One is a bobblehead, nodding in almost constant nodding in agreement with another talking non stop sounding winded while is just kooky.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have a Invicta 1206 and I cant seem to reset the second hand. I have all the other hand scorynnized but that one and when i push the crown all the way in it doesn't tell time, just purchased it 2 days ago help

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Now this my friend is the kind of hub you need to write on a regular basis, you can write going by this hub so shake yer ass girl and get earning !

    • charlesroring profile image


      8 years ago

      Wrist watches have long been seen not only as time indicator but as decorative jewelry that can beautify the physical appearance of women. I have just wrote a review article about a Tissot watch for women at this hub:


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