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Better than Botox? StriVectin-SD vs. Hydroderm

Updated on October 30, 2012

Which Cream is The Right Cream?

StriVectin-SD and Hydroderm are products that have at least one thing in common: they both claim to be better than Botox. But what else do they have in common ... and more importantly, what are the differences between StriVectin-SD and Hydroderm which might make one a better choice over the other? And when it comes down to it, is the better alternative between the two better than Botox after all? These are questions that you might be asking yourself if you're trying to make some serious decisions about what you'd like to do to smooth out your skin.


StriVectin-SD is a product that's been around, in some form, for awhile but it's only recently come to the attention of women seeking an alternative to Botox to get wrinkle-free skin. The product was originally used to get rid of stretch marks (and can still be used this way) and then tests were done and it was determined that StriVectin-SD could effectively reduce wrinkles on the face, smoothing out the skin and giving users that younger appearance.

To apply StriVectin-SD, you simply massage it into the skin where are you are seeking to reduce wrinkles. It can be applied up to three times per day. The current price for StriVectin-SD is $135 for a 6 oz. tube which is said to last for approximately 6 months. This supposedly comes with a money back guarantee if you aren't completely satisfied with the results of the product. Those results should be visible and apparent within one month of beginning to use the product although approximately 7% of people see no results. Additional related products that are available are StriVectin Eye Cream ($59 / 1.3 oz.), StriVectin Hand Cream ($38 / 3.25 oz.), and StriVectin Hand Exfoliant ($29 / 1.2 oz).


Hydroderm uses a "patented Collagen Infusion Delivery System" to rejuvenate your skin with new collagen molecules. This system includes multiple products which can be used alone or together (although it is strongly recommended that they are used together) to reduce wrinkles and smooth your skin. There are seven different basic products to choose from: Age-Defying Wrinkle Reducer, Skin Restoring Facial Wash, Triple Effects Eye Serum, Age-Defying Renewal Moisturizer, Body Shape, Volumizing Lip Serum and The First Impression Combination (exfoliants and creams).

Figuring out the cost of the Hydroderm products isn't as easy as figuring out the cost of StriVectin-SD products. For one thing, it is recommended that you become a member of their program which gets you discounts and specials on their products. They are currently advertising that you can receive a free two-month supply of their products which you can return within 30 days at no obligation and that it is a product "regularly priced" at $79.

Hydroderm advertises that results will begin to be seen within just a few days of beginning use of the product and that 90% of people see "significant results" within 21 days. Of course, they want you to keep using the product so they say that you keep using it consistently, although "results may last for months, even if use of the formula is ended".

Comparing the two products: StriVectin-SD and Hydroderm

So, looking at the surface of these two products, they both seem to provide the same service, using creams and serums to improve the appearance of the skin. Both can be used on various parts of the body, although Hydroderm offers more variety in their products for targeting specific areas. StriVectin-SD is clearer about how they price their products and they offer a money-back guarantee but Hydroderm offers free trials and reduced prices for members. Both companies advertise results above 90% success with Hydroderm reportedly having quicker results that may be longer lasting.

And how do they compare to Botox?

As you undoubtedly know, Botox serves the same purpose as these two products (reducing wrinkles in the skin) but is done so through injections. There are more risks of side effects (including nausea and headaches in addition to potential longer term health problems) with Botox than with either of these creams. On the other hand, of course, Botox works more quickly and can be done less often. Botox requires the services of a doctor and is therefore more costly than either StriVectin-SD or Hydroderm.


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  • profile image

    Nancy Yonce 5 years ago

    I started using StriVection when it first came out. My skin felt softer and my husband ask me what I was doing to my face and I told him. Friends, neighbors and strangers at super markets ask me what I was using on my face. I highly recommend Strivection. It works !!!

  • profile image

    Vanessa 5 years ago

    I'm age 28 and I bought the Stri vectin eye cream to use to rid me of dark circles and puffy under eyes which I think I have due partly to genes. I noticed it 's marketed however for wrinkles and I don't have wrinkles or fine lines as yet. I'm wondering now if this product would be too strong for my skin and whether there would be any adverse side effects from using it now? Can anyone help?

  • profile image

    The_Idea_Gal 7 years ago

    I've never tried Hydroderm, but I've use Strivectin for a few years and love how my skin looks.

  • stricktlydating profile image

    StricktlyDating 8 years ago from Australia

    Great Hub, I hadn't heard of this cream. I recently tried Botox, it has great instant results (a few side-effects with it though - see my Hub).

  • profile image

    yeahoa 9 years ago

    I bought this product for acne scars and stretch marks. Ive been using it for a few days and i think i see results but its really to early and cant really tell if its working or not but they seem smaller

  • profile image

    Raffaella 9 years ago

    I started putting the StriVectin on my face because it said that it helped with Acne scars. I had really bad skin as a teenager and so I had some scars left on my cheeks and temples. I have used the cream on my face for about a month and i noticed the scars were disappearing.