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Beyonce's Infallible Lipstick | L'Oreal Lip Color

Updated on July 21, 2010

The latest in L'Oreal's line of aspirational cosmetics is the infallible range, a range of 6 colors, each of which is presented by a celebrity lady and each of which makes an incredibly bold claim, that, if properly worn, a single application of Infallible lipstick will last for up to 16 hours.

Beyonce's chosen (or more likely, assigned) color is the brightest and boldest of the entire collection, a bold, almost cherry red, a red that screams 'Look at me! I am not afraid for my lips to commandeer my face!' This is not a color for shrinking violets, this is a color for emancipated women not afraid to buy their own jewelry and subsequently demand that any man showing interest 'put a ring on it'. Ah, progress and feminism, how pretty you look this evening.

What many women want to know is, is this claim if 16 hour color true? Anecdotal evidence suggests that yes, if the color is applied and sealed with conditioning balm, your lips will indeed remain bright red for the duration of the day and most of the evening.

Aside from its longevity, the Infallible range has another prime selling point – it's price. The price point meanders up and down a bit depending on where you live and what your source is, but these lipsticks usually go in the $10 to $12 dollar range, which is eminently reasonable for a lip color that you won't need to bring with you to the club, restaurant, or alien sighting.

If you're a little intimidated by the brazen redness of this lipstick, there are five more shades to choose from, each fronted by their very own famous lady human. There's Diane's Tuberose, Kate's Plum, Andie's Rose (a sweet color if you're looking for a red that makes you look a little bit less like a (Ford) escort), Linda's Beige, and Eva's Caramel.

L'Oreal assumes that all these women are so well known that their first name alone will alert you to who they are. Even the advertising material makes only passing reference to the star concerned, which is fine when we're talking about Beyonce, but for other celebrities becomes a little more confusing. Linda's Beige for instance, is probably fronted by Linda Evangelista, but could just as well be fronted by Linda Hogan, estranged wife of Hulk Hogan. It isn't of course, but it could be. We live in a wonderful universe of possibility.


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