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Beyoncé's MakeUp Methods Revealed

Updated on January 27, 2012

You know her and you love her.  Beyoncé has something to offer to everyone whether it is her beautiful voice or her great style sense.  If you want to get some of those beautiful looks yourself you can do so by simply knowing how she does it.  How does she pull off her great looking make up?  You will see her with warm tones and plenty of great looking skin.  Her color choices are often a warm set of coppery browns.  You will find that she likes to have glowing, healthy looking skin.  Her lips are sheer, pretty and simple.  You can recreate this look yourself if you want to show off this same look.  In fact, it does not have to be hard to do either!

Remember when creating your look that it should be natural and not overly applied to your face.  Make up on Beyoncé always looks smooth and natural.  It is alluring, simple yet quite beautiful nonetheless.  You can create this look for yourself too.  Here are some tips to help you to do just that.


Beyoncé Eyes

The eyes are the place to start. To get the glowing eyes that Beyoncé has, you need to start with a shimmery copper brown eye shadow as your first step. To create the look correctly, apply the eye shadow over the entire eyelid. To get the best results use an oval shaped brush that is small enough for your eyelid. Using this tool in this manner will give you the uniform look you want to create to pull off this look. Use this to apply the eye shadow throughout the eye lid evenly but not heavily. Continue to use this small color but this time place it on the area just below your eyelashes on the bottom of the eye. To get this to come off well, you must apply the make up with a pointed eye lining brush.

Next, you need to apply the next layer to the eye.  This time, you are aiming for the area just below the lash line on the inner part of the eye.  Here, you should already have a beautiful copper color in place.  To add more depth to this area, apply a shimmering salmon pink color over the top.  Now, consider the crease of each of your eyes.  To tailor your Beyoncé look here, simply use a tapered oval shaped brush with a bit of blended chocolate brown.  You want to get right into the crease of the eye.  Blend in well here so that it looks even and smooth.

For your eyeliner, you want to use a black or brown eye liner.  You want to cover the inside of the eyelashes well with your eye liner.  This will give the eye a very beautiful finish and helps to provide you with a very subtle draw to the eye when you look at the face.

Beyoncé Eye Lashes

Next, you want to turn your attention to those beautiful eye lashes.  A look at Beyoncé's face is sure to tell you that her lashes are long and gorgeous.  You can create the same type of look for your eyes.  To do so, start with curling the lashes.  Add a thin coat of deep brown mascara to both the top and the bottom lashes.  This will help to fill them out.  Purchase a quality product so that it looks great and does not clump up.  Her eyes are very smooth looking and clean.  Since her eyes are such an important part of her look, if you want to look like Beyoncé you will need to take the time to really define your eyes in the best way possible.   

Beyonce eyes

Beyoncé Cheeks

But, her eyes are not the only feature on Beyoncé's face that needs attention!  You will want to turn next to your cheeks.  Start with a sheer based moisturizer that is tinted slightly.  You can then apply this using your fingers to your forehead, your chin area as well as the cheeks.  Choose an appropriate color based on your skin tone.  As you blend it in; use long fluid strokes.  You want an even look for the finished product.  The next step is to blot your face.  You want to remove access make up without actually pulling up too much of the color itself.  The foundation should not be upset.  To accomplish this, start with a blotting tissue.  Press it into the skin flat and evenly.  Do not rub or move around.  Simply blot the area to remove access makeup.  You will want to do this so that you can remove some of the shine from the makeup.  It will also provide you with a beautiful finish that is no going to look like you have powder on the face itself.

Beyoncé Blush

Next, you want to use a cream blush on the skin.  To apply this, use your fingertips.  They are your best tools for applying make up like this to your face.  Blend the blush up into the cheekbones.  You want the cheekbones to be beautifully outlined when you actually are finished.  You can accomplish this with proper placement of your blush products.  Beyoncé's cheeks are generally beautiful, soft and supple.  Often, her cheeks are created to look like there is very little make up on them at all.  In fact, her skin looks natural, not made up and definitely not over the top with make up.

Beyonce lips

Beyonce blush

Beyoncé Lips

Finally, you want to apply the right amount of makeup to your lips.  For the same shimmer that Beyoncé has, you want to consider the right color for your lips.  A good choice for the same look the Beyoncé has, try a sheer colored rose and beige mix lip gloss.  To apply it, apply first to your finger.  This gives you better control over using any type of lipstick device.  Apply to both of the lips generously but do not allow it to matte. You want to blot off anything that is extra.  Here, you want shine.  Beyoncé's lips shine when you look at her as the rest of her face glows with beauty.

Beyoncé Colors

For those that would love to have the same gorgeous look that Beyoncé does, use the make up tips provided here.  You will enjoy a range of options, though.  Change out colors to match the tone of your skin.  Use products that provide you with more shine control or more coverage of skin blemishes or uneven coloring or texture.  The key is to not overdo it when you create your Beyoncé look.  Doing so will allow you to have a natural, soft glow that is appealing to every person's face.  Anyone that wants to enjoy color and style at its finest can consider what the Beyoncé look has to offer.

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