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Bigger is not Better When it comes to Diamonds

Updated on November 2, 2009

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to diamonds. Celebrities are featured in publications and on television flaunting giant diamond jewels and gaudy gold chains. Although this might seem attractive to some individuals, to others it looks tacky and over-the-top. If you cannot manage to pay for a bodyguard to go with your diamond, you might want to reassess purchasing a rock the size of Texas.

Diamonds are a big investment and this particular purchase decision should be made wisely. Largely industry professionals will tell you that the cut, color, and clarity are the three most crucial factors (in that order) when buying a diamond. An individual may buy a five carat diamond and even though the carat weight is impressive, the stone may have countless flaws and inclusions. Large diamonds are nice but if you cannot come up with the money for one that is decent in color and clarity, the stone will appear murky and lifeless.

When buying fine diamond jewelry, people do so with the objective of actually wearing what they buy. If you have to be concerned about getting robbed or possibly losing these costly items, you will most likely err on the side of caution and choose not to wear the jewelry. If the jewelry in question is a diamond engagement ring, it is better to buy an item that can be worn every day. For example, if your fiancé is nervous to leave the house with her ring on, she will most likely never wear it and her jewelry box will get more use out of it than she does.

These are a small number of practical things people tend to forget when purchasing fine diamond jewelry. Bigger does not necessarily mean better when it comes to diamonds and finding an equal balance between the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, carat) is the best solution.

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    • judyloves2sign profile image

      judyloves2sign 8 years ago

      I really like the common sense you give on this subject and I would be honored to be one of your fans. I am new to this and have only 5 hubs and working on #6.It is fun, and I hope you will visit my hubs. The latest one is Mayberry USA.