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New Clothing Shop for Trendy Pieces & Affordable Prices ADRIANNA LABEL

Updated on April 9, 2021

Who is Adrianna Label?

Adrianna Label has always been a dream for me. The name actually comes from my fathers' name Andrian, which is my middle name Andrianova. I turned the name in to the brand Adrianna.

The Founder:

My name is Vesselina and I'm a graduate from the University of San Diego. I have my Bachelors degree in Business Administration & Marketing.

Marketing is the creative side of business for me and I have always had a deeper draw towards the arts. I knew I would use a business degree for a creative career and finally a couple of years later it came to life. I graduated and took on starting my own label.

It took a while to organize my thoughts in to channeling this creative energy because of resources, school, family, and working two jobs all throughout my studies, but I did take the first couple of steps this year in August 2019.

I've always liked the sound of the name Adrianna, whether I was starting a clothing line or a bikini line. I've heard that if you are starting a business the hardest part is choosing the name and since that was out of the way I was ready to start branding the name. I decided to keep the name as my good luck charm in this new project I was starting. From a young age I was drawing clothing and creating small loose leaf sheets of drawings as my "magazines". I always wanted that to be my end goal as I got into my career.

Although, I never became an artist that hobby still lingers & I still push myself to create with a pencil and paper so I can have the designs somewhere from my imagination. This helps when I have to execute an idea that comes to me and I have to quickly draw it down to not forget it. What I plan to do with this ambition is to create something to look back on and say that I've created it. This idea would one day in the future reflect my creativity from a young age and that is exactly what I am aspiring to do with this label.

If you view something as a hobby instead of a job it makes working with it that much easier and far more enjoyable. The passion carries the career in my opinion.


Recently, the swim line started out as an idea put into action by the website being created, google analytics being explored, and an Instagram page to start up the traffic.

This took a lot of effort because I wasn't sure if I would get the packaging, labels, stickers, and of course inventory of swimsuits on time to be able to send them out. Luckily, this wasn't an issue because I didn't have a line of customers, just my own thoughts holding me back. Like anyone starting their own shop, I still don't have a clue if I'm headed in the right direction, but I'm learning as I go.

I invite you to support my journey @ADRIANNA_LABEL FB & IG or Website:


What Can be Expected?

Where it is Headed:

My dream is that the label will be sustainable in the future. I don't want to move forward unless I know that my materials will be eco-friendly & sustainable. My dream is that the label also gives support to the organizations that are working to clean our oceans, forests from deforestation, and re-gardening coral reefs because that was my goal from the beginning. Along the way, I will also turn my attention to Autism because it hits close to home for me.

The Brand Itself:

The brand itself is focused on creating swimsuits out of a different perspective and unique design and recently also added clothing!

Custom designs are along the lines in the future, but for now I would be happy to say we offer sustainable materials and eco-friendly choices first. The designs that are currently up are just the beginning of the labels story. Every story has its beginning and this is mine, I would like to share it with you.

"A brand with imagination & even more attitude"

Vesselina Raltcheva


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