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What you should know about Bikini and Brazilian Wax

Updated on July 24, 2016

Waxing Tips

waxing tips
waxing tips

Bikini & Brazilian Waxing

No sane woman on earth would ever pay good amount of money to have hot wax done on her nether regions for ripping off hair from its roots. Still Bikini wax has become a monthly routine for women who book their sessions without batting an eyelid. If you have been a waxing virgin so far and haven’t taken off your pants in embarrassment in front of a stranger then here is a list of few things that happens:

1). Every woman gets self conscious during bikini waxing especially during the first few sessions, but they must remember the specialists who perform bikini waxing do it every day. So, worrying about whether you are too hairy or not too hairy is all rubbish.

2). Bikini wax comes in different categories and the pricing is based on the hair removed. In bikini wax, small amount of hair is left towards the front in a way that it doesn’t extend below the knickers line. This is the ideal wax for the first timers. Brazilian wax involves lot more of hair removal, in it all the hair are removed just a landing strip of hair is left in the front, but that depends upon your personal desire.

3). For the Brazilian wax, therapist would request you to remove your pants as it will be easy to wax whole area.

Bikini Waxing

Bikini Waxing
Bikini Waxing

Bikini and Brazilian Wax

The expert will ask you to lie down on the bed and remove the pants, you do not have to take off your clothes if you are not completely comfortable, they are experienced and are adept at working as per your convenience.

  • You are totally exposing yourself in front of a stranger and yes the specialist is going to touch and stare at your vagina and the butt, but this is quiet a normal thing, this is what they are paid for. It might seem weird for you but imagine going to a doctor or gynaecologist, showing your private part to a stranger is awkward but it is your call!
  • One of the most annoying thing about waxing is that you cannot go for it until the hair grow in, if you do not, wax cannot grab anything and it is not going to work. Do not shave the area for at least five days or until the hair is of a grain size.
  • Shower before you go for the bikini/ Brazilian wax, it ensures you are clean and smell nice when visiting a salon. This is absolutely necessary if it is your first time and you are not comfortable showing up in front of a stranger.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, as the area down there will be little red, sore and swollen so pairing with clothes that disable your skin from breathing will make you more uncomfortable.
  • Do not worry, the specialist is not going to judge you in any way, it is her job. She works for the whole day doing bikini and Brazilian wax so it she isn’t going to judge you. Stop thinking of how she interprets you, instead take her to the level of a gynaecologist and you will feel better.
  • Waxing down there is not that bad, if it were to be women would have stopped doing it. Yes, stripping off in front of a stranger and trying it for the first time brings along fear and the pain in the initial sessions is bit more, but it depends upon the level of your own fear. The women who go for it feel comfortable doing it and schedule monthly appointments. It gets into your routine and gives you a itching, sweating and tension free month.

The procedure is not at all painless as many salons claim; it depends upon the threshold of pain you can resist. Normally, it takes few sessions, until you become used to getting it waxed. Best therapists work in small sections of area and press down on the skin immediately after the strip is pulled to reduce the pain. The specialists then remove remaining hair with the help of tweezers, annoying but an important step. Finally, a cream is applied so that you feel comfortable. Minute irritation and redness is normal after the session, but it is worth as you are hair free for three four weeks now.



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      2 years ago

      Yes, it is tough to go for it, seems very painful but the results are outstanding with soft skin


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