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5 Easy Bio Exfoliating And Peeling Treatments - How To Exfoliate Your Skin With Natural Products You Have At Home

Updated on October 11, 2012

Here are a few clever ideas that will help you save money by replacing expensive exfoliation products with equally effective substances that you could find in every household. Besides being cheaper, these eco-friendly exfoliants are much better for our health since they don't contain any harmful chemicals like parabens. These procedures can be applied once or twice a week depending on the specific needs of the particular skin. It's best to exfoliate your face in the evening before going to bed because it often becomes a bit irritated or red right after the procedure. Of course, if the products are really going to be bio or organic depends on how you purchased them, but they are certainly going to be cleaner than regular cosmetics.

And don't forget to always apply a suitable facial cream after exfoliation.

Baking powder is not just for baking
Baking powder is not just for baking | Source

Baking Powder

Put one teaspoon of baking powder and spread it on the palms of your hands. Use circular massage-like motions to carefully rub it into your face and neck, which you have washed and made wet in advance with a bit of water. This particular peeling or exfoliation is especially useful for people with oily or medium skin type, susceptible to blackheads. After the treatment rinse it all off with a lot of water and apply a suitable facial cream.

You can also give yourself a full body exfoliating treatment by putting some baking powder on your bath sponge before you start showering.

Salt is something you ill find in every house in the world
Salt is something you ill find in every house in the world | Source


Salt is also a possible exfoliant that you could use, but it should be used only if you cannot get a hold of any of the other items on the list since it does not wash away the sebum. This means that before your homemade peeling treatment, you should clean your face with another cleaning product. Besides that, it's used in the same ways as the baking powder. Of course, salt's biggest advantage is its high availability and if you don't have any of the other things on the list that are suitable for facial exfoliation, salt could always save the day.

What's left after you've made your refreshing cup of coffee in the morning does not necessarily need to go into trash right away.
What's left after you've made your refreshing cup of coffee in the morning does not necessarily need to go into trash right away. | Source


Coffee (or actually its precipitate) can be used for exfoliation as well. It's most suitable for the body and especially the legs since it has an anti cellulite effect. The reason it's not recommended for using on your face is its ruff abrasive qualities. If you are set on using it on your face, it's a good idea to mix it with something that would help it soften up like some kind of oil or facial gel. It should be applied in the same fashion as baking soda.

Different kinds of sugar
Different kinds of sugar | Source
Corn flour (which is not corn starch)
Corn flour (which is not corn starch) | Source


Much like coffee, sugar is a bit too rough to be used for facial exfoliation treatments, but it's great to use on the rest of the body. It can be used like all the other natural bio exfoliants mentioned above - either by putting some sugar on your bath sponge before you take a shower, or by gently rubbing it in with circular motions using the palms of your hands and of course rinsing thoroughly afterwards.

Corn Flour

Corn flour might not be something that is lying around every house, but if you have it it might be quite useful for your personal home spa treatments. It's not as rough as coffee or sugar, so your could use if for facial exfoliation as well. Like with everything else you need to remember to make sure your skin is wet before you start, rub it in gently with your hands and after rinsing thoroughly, applying a suitable facial cream or oil to help your skin recover from the procedure.


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