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Biotin hair growth secrets revealed

Updated on September 6, 2010

If you are interested in knowing more about biotin and how it can improve your hair growth rate and health, than you are in the right place. Before I start and dive in to biotin hair growth topics, let me tell you what biotin is: biotin is a vitamin, called vitamin H or vitamin B7. It is actually a B-complex vitamin that is soluble in water.

Biotin can be taken by anyone. Of course there are people that are dealing with biotin deficiencies and may experience hair loss and those people MUST use a biotin based supplements, but biotin can be consumed by people that are not experiencing any deficiency as well. Those people take an increased dose of the supplement to help their hair grow faster or stronger. Biotin effects may vary a lot from one person to another depending on several factors such as metabolism.

From peoples feedback after taking biotin I can assure you that this vitamin is the most successful vitamin that helps hair grow faster and thicker. Biotin supplements are created from yeast and bacteria, but it is also naturally produced by our bodies. In order to increasing the dose we naturally create you should live a healthy life: eat healthy, sleep well, workout and watch out your stress levels. However, if you are doing all that and you are not satisfied with the results you are getting feel free to try biotin.

Biotin Dosage

Now, before I get started on this, my first personal advice is to talk about this with your personal physician. Different things work better for different people. This is also valid when it comes to biotin, so make sure you get an OK from a professional.

Based on my personal experience and from what I discussed with friends that took biotin and noticed an increase in hair growth, it seems like and average of 5,000 mcg of biotin taken daily is helping both females and males to increase their hair growth rate. You should take 2,500 mcg during breakfast and another 2,500 during lunch.

As I said earlier results may vary from one person to another depending on a lot of factors: metabolism, daily activity levels, diet and other factors. The dosage is a controversial subject as well. People taking just 2,000 mcg of biotin supplement per day have reported same or better results as people taking 10,000 mcg per day. It all depends on what works for you best. You just need to test it and see what suits your body best.

What about side effects? Now, this is the good part. There are no documented reports of biotin side effects. By the way, biotin has been reported to improve nails growth as well.

While you are using biotin supplements you should not consume and alcohol and antibiotics, mostly because they prevent the body to normally absorb the biotin.

Beside biotin, or if you are not seeing any results with biotin you can try something called Nioxin. Even if you are not thinning, Nioxin can increase hair growth rate and health because it actually stimulates the follicle, feeding it, causing hair to grow a little bit faster. If you are experiencing hair loss you can try a shampoo based on biotin or nioxing and test the results.


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