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Birthstones, month stones and gemstones

Updated on October 11, 2012
Beautiful red garnet!
Beautiful red garnet!


Gemstones are fun to give away. Whether it is a piece of jewellery or a hug stone actually makes little difference. But where goes your attention to when you’re buying a gemstone? Do you look primarily to the colour of the stone that appeals to you or do you also look at the meaning of the colour of the stone. Additionally, you can also buy gemstones associated with a particular zodiac sign, or stones that are associated with a month or even a particular day of the week.

Read here all about birthstones, month stones and gems.

What are gemstones

There is no generally valid definition for the term gemstone. Most gemstones are minerals such as diamonds, others are mineral aggregates, such as lapis lazuli and finally there are rocks. Sometimes also stones of organic origin are counted to the gems. An example of this is amber.

All the mentioned gems have one thing in common: they are special and beautiful. In some gemstones it is the colour that is special, where for others the shining of the stone is what makes it beautiful. Also the hardness of the stone or inclusions could make certain stones gemstones.

The most valued properties of gemstones become only apparent after grinding and polishing. This is also the reason that gems always are polished.

Red jasper!
Red jasper!
Orange carnelian beads
Orange carnelian beads
Yellow amber!
Yellow amber!
Blue Lapis Lazuli!
Blue Lapis Lazuli!

Colours of gemstones

There are several hundred types of gemstones. These can roughly classified by colour. You can choose the colour stone you love yourself, but you can also check whether the meaning of the colour of the stone appeals to you. Below the main colours and their meanings are listed. Also, the stones in the colour available are describe.

• Red. Red is the colour of blood, inflammation, but also of love (think of roses). Red is also the colour of danger. The red colour leads to more activity, temper and energy. Red is a good colour for people who are unwell and inactive children. Red stones are garnet, jasper, red tiger eye, red agate and fire opal.

• Orange. Orange is a positive colour that improves the digestion and absorption of food. It can also help you relax and solve problems. Orange stones are carnelian, topaz and orange calcite.

• Yellow. Yellow brings joy and new life (think about Easter). It is a strong colour that belongs to wisdom and warmth of life, like the sun. Yellow stones are amber, tiger eye and yellow carnelian.

• Green. Green is the colour of balance, harmony, self-control and inner peace. The colour green brings us closer to nature. Green stones are jade, peridot, emerald, malachite, aventurine, chrysoprase and green tourmaline.

• Blue. Blue is the colour of calming, peace and sobriety, but also of hope. Dark blue gives a sense of respect and firmness, that’s why this colour is often used in uniforms. Blue stones are sodalite, lapis lazuli, sapphire, blue calcite, aquamarine and labradorite.

• Indigo. Indigo is a mixture of blue and purple and has a particular effect on the senses. In addition, indigo stones have a positive effect on the healing of mental illness. Indigo stones are azurite, lapis lazuli and falcon.

• Purple. Purple is the colour of curiosity and spirituality. Purple stones are amethyst and rhodonite.

• Pink. Pink is the colour of tenderness and love. It makes us sensitive to beauty and harmony. Pink stones are rose quartz, rhodochrosite and rhodonite.

• Grey. Grey is insignificant and obscure. The extremes are white and black, but these colours are unclear. White is the colour of mourning, we often give white flowers with a death, but white is also the colour of purity. Wedding dresses are often white. Black is also the colour of mourning, but also of reliability and awe. White stones are magnesite and snow quartz. Black stones are onyx, obsidian and git.

Stones of the Zodiac

In ancient times it was believed that there was a relationship between certain signs of the zodiac and gemstones. These stones were then used as amulets or talismans. Nowadays, people still believe in this and also dealers and jewellers use this to expand their trade. The most frequently used list of stones associated with a particular zodiac sign comes from modern literature.

Sign of the Zodiac
Extra stones of the signs of the zodiac
red jasper, carnelian
bloodstone chalcedony, chrysoprase, ruby, silex
carnelian, rose quartz
coral, lapis lazuli, quartz, sapphire, sarder, emerald
citrine, tiger eye
agate aquamarine, crystal, chrysokol, jasper, onyx, topaz, turquoise
chrysoprase, aventurine
white chalcedony, chrysolite, diamond, carnelian, moonstone, rhodochrosite, emerald
rock crystal, gold quartz
amber, topaz, citrine, diamond, carnelian, onyx, ruby, sulfur
citrine, yellow agate
amazonite, beryl, jasper, carnelian, onyx, turquoise, zircon
orange citrine, smoky quartz
aventurine, beryl, diamond, jade, kunzite, nephrite, opal, peridot, onyx, emerald, topaz, pink tourmaline
blood red carnelian
agate, aquamarine, chalcedony, chrysoprase, garnet, obsidian, smoky quartz, ruby, topaz
sapphire, chalcedony
amethyst, rock crystal, beryl, garnet, pyrope, sapphire quartz, sodalite, spinel, topaz
amethyst, beryl, jet, malachite, obsidian, peridot, smoky quartz, rose quartz, ruby, green tourmaline
turquoise, falcon
amazonite, amethyst, aquamarine, chrysokol, garnet, jasper, malachite, obsidian, blue sapphire
amethyst, amethyst quartz
aquamarine, blue quartz, diamond jade, moonstone, opal, sapphire, sugilite
A talisman with beautiful stones!
A talisman with beautiful stones!

Month stones

In the past, gemstones associated with signs of the zodiac were considered as birthstones. Nowadays, however, month stones according to the months of the calendar year are considered as birthstones.

These birthstones are also said to have magical effects.

garnet, rose quartz
amethyst, onyx
tourmaline, blood jasper
sapphire, diamond, rhinestone
emerald, chrysoprase
pearl, moonstone
ruby, carnelian
onyx, sardonyx
aquamarine, opal
zircon, turquoise

Stones of the days of the week

Nowadays there are gems attributed to the times of the year, for spring, summer, autumn and winter, and even the days of the week.

moonstone, pearl
ruby, garnet
turquoise, sapphire, lapis lazuli
amethyst, emerald

Further reading


Gemstones are beautiful and special, but also expensive.

Please make therefore the right choice choosing a gemstone, make sure that both the colour and the significance of the stone suit you.


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    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 5 years ago from SW England

      Interesting how the significance, meanings and influences of stones are viewed. My birthstone is emerald and my favourite colour is green; I'm close to nature and usually calm so the zodiacs can be quite accurate! Thanks for the follow; I'll have a look at more of your hubs.

    • profile image

      Ankie 5 years ago

      Thanks for this beautiful hub!