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Black Haircut Designs for African American Men

Updated on February 13, 2014
black men beard designs
black men beard designs

How to get 360 Waves

Black men haircuts come in many varieties, the most popular hair trends for African American men hairstyles start with celebrity styles seen in fashion.

Short black hairstyles are classic among men of color who wear their hair shorter into a fade or longer into a natural twists.

Depending on the lifestyle and how active you are that will help with choosing the right hairstyles, from dreadlocks, to texturizers or razor shaved heads.

Adding texture and curls can be achieved with a comb through mild relaxer that curls up hair into a s shaped or wave.

360 waves for boys

If you are looking for a style that you can create at home then you may want to learn how to get the 360 waves so getting the right wave pattern is achieved by these simple steps to achieve deep wave styles and short wave styles in your hair.

Spinning waves hair can be done with brushing the waves to get the right wave pattern, if first starts with natural hair, get rid of all perms, relaxers and texturizers and learn how to create waves on your natural hair.

Black Haircut styles for men

If you like to wear your hair in a short style and you want textures of your natural wave pattern.

This is recommended before you add any type of pomade to the hair for added shine and hair manageability.

Start with clean hair the key is in the brushing so you will want to add shea butter which is natural and is not heavy.

Then you will take a hot towel and lay it on the head so the shea butter can melt into the hair

then after 1 to 2 minutes you will need to take a horse brush and brush hair in a 360 turn all around your head.

Keep brushing in the direction your hair grows, then tie a do-rag on your head preferably at night to hold hair in place,

brush hair several times throughout the day, and repeat process, style as desired.

Black celebrity haircuts worn by chris brown, nelly and kobe bryant

set the trends for short black haircuts that are in fashion.

Black Hair Designs and Edgeups

Shaving technology have improved with electric shavers for the face and new products for close shave haircuts.

If a manual shaver is used it is best to learn the best methods and practices.

Along with the neat trim and edging can show a professional look many black men in business an entertainment.

Black Men Beard Designs

To get the right look for your beard it is best to have the right cutting tools and trimmer.

The most popular beard designs are thin side burns, mustash without a gotee facial hair.

Searching on the web you will find that all types of haircuts can have a design, from mohawks, twists, fades and dark ceasers.

Close Shave

It just depends on the barber you choose to do the cuts for you. Most of these methods take an artistic hand to keep the lines straight and the cuts sharp. Some tools that really help with creating these haircuts is the designing trimmer

You can purchase clippers that get a close edge and line up the edge of your hair into a design as well as the short haircut of at least 1 1/2 inches long.

Total Shave

This style is probably the one that is seen on black men of all ages, it requires a even shave all over.

It also will not require much hair product or need to go to the barber shop often, because the hair is shaved low enough to not take much time to get ready.

Buzz cuts are achieved with clippers, high powered men have found success in this look. The right head shape can also be a plus with the ladies.

It takes having a passion for cutting hair to make a name for yourself in your community. A good point of reference will be looking at pictures of celebrity haircuts.

Short Dreads

Short dreadlocks and very short dreads have made a comeback and can be worn in a casual look or business one.

It is best to get tips on short dread styles on youtube,

that is where I have found the best instructions on how to start and methods for growing and maintaining short black hair.

Converting your hair to dreadlocks is a long process that may require you to see a loctician, for retwists and application of beeswax.

The hairstyle is popular think of your reason for wanting to grow dreadlocks.

Well Coiffed Afro

A more contemporary medium length afro is the new version of the 60's style afro that is well maintained and has a natural relaxed look.

Celebrities have worn this style is trendy and easy to wear at school or work.

The cut is not shaved or close to the head but instead allows for the natural kinky coiled hair be at least 1 to 2 inches in length for a curly small afro.

How-to-get-360-waves-Atlanta Barber KSIKing ¦ How to get 360 waves fast


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  • louromano profile image

    louromano 5 years ago

    I enjoy reading your blog posts. I look forward to reading more of your future articles on this subject.

  • profile image

    anonymouse 6 years ago

    360 waves are for boys

  • profile image

    Jaden 6 years ago

    Those are some real waves

  • profile image

    james durante 7 years ago

    Good pics of hairstyles. I was looking for one with a groomed afro that would not be too puffy on the sides of the head. My hair tends to spread out unless I have a heavy pomade on, or some type of strong liquid gel for black hair. Any help is appreciated.

  • profile image

    my'onna 7 years ago

    i love my wave

  • esllr profile image

    esllr 8 years ago

    Your hubs are great.I enjoy the read, always.I've been an hairstylist for over 27 years and enjoy being impressed.

    I got sea sick too. LOL!

  • Research Analyst profile image

    Research Analyst 8 years ago

    it true that the deep 360 wave will get you sea sick, I got dizzy watching the youtube video...LOL