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Black Light, UV Tattoos Designs

Updated on August 6, 2015

Some of the coolest tattoos around are black light or UV tattoos. You can get a whole tattoo using the black light ink or you can small parts of a tattoo with it in it. In regular light these tattoos will appear whitish/bluish color. If an enhancement is used to add color like green or pink in regular light it will show up as such.

The technology behind these tattoos are very new. Make sure if you decide to get one of these tattoos to go to an experienced tattoo artist. Make sure the ink being used is safe, some tattoo artist use black ink that can harm you. Also, in some states it is illegal to get a tattoo like this. You can find out pretty quick if your state is one of them by just going into a tattoo parlor and asking.

Cool Black Light Tattoo

Neat Black Light Tattoo

Unique Uv Glowing Tattoo

Different Black Light Tattoo

Black Light Tattoo

Cool Star Tattoo


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    • VengefulArt profile image

      VengefulArt 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      I think these are awesome! i saw a guy who had his whole face and head tattooed but it was all in black light ink. you couldnt see the tattoo unless he was under a black light. Amazing!