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Black Skin Lightens Up – The Natural Way

Updated on May 13, 2014
Jojoba Facial Scrub-Natural Skin Lightener
Jojoba Facial Scrub-Natural Skin Lightener

Natural Skin Lighteners

Black Skin Lightens Up – The Natural Way

As Black women, we’re fortunate to have a little extra melanin in our skin. Not only does it give us all our wonderful shades and hues, it gives us a little extra protection against wrinkles and sun damage (though we should still be diligent about caring for our skin!). However, a side-effect of melanin is the tendency towards hyper pigmentation or scarring.

Natural exfoliants will help to lighten your skin. Dead skin cells that lay on top of your skin have a way of causing your skin to have a dull, dry, ashy look. By exfoliating at least twice a week, you give new cells a chance to bring a beautiful glow to the surface of your skin. Jojoba wax beads are natural exfoliating beads that remove the dead skin cells when combined in a cream or gel base. This gentle procedure removes the dead skin cells thereby giving a lighter appearance and even complexion to your skin, naturally!

Natural exfoliants are a lot more gentle on your skin but don't think because they're natural, you can go in with a heavy hand. Any exfoliation procedure should be done as if you're holding an egg between your finger tips and your skin. The key is to think of approaching it with ease without cracking the egg. If you find that after a treatment your skin is red, agitated and you see a scratch, you've gone in too hard and brought trauma to your skin. In essence, you've cracked the egg.

What Happens Next?

You'll now see dark spots or discoloration appear on your skin. Granted, we all have dark spots that we try to cover with make up, or even more frightening, by bleaching them with products containing harsh chemicals. But there are safer, more natural ways to lighten your skin tone, just by using what’s already in your kitchen!

Natural Skin Lighteners Right Out of Your Kitchen Pantry

Believe it or not lemons, Aloe vera and potatoes are among the most effective natural skin lighteners. The vitamin C in lemons, Aloe vera and potatoes (yes, potatoes!) is known to inhibit the production of melanin.

Lemons - To use lemons to lighten your skin tone, squeeze the juice of the lemons into a glass bowl and apply to the affected areas with a fresh cotton ball. Let your skin air dry and rinse with cold water. Follow with cocoa butter since it is high in vitamin E. Cocoa butter is also known to minimize scarring. Use this method at least twice a day and in as little as two weeks, your skin should start to become fresher and brighter-looking. For an added boost, you can mash the gel of an aloe vera leaf and mix with lemon juice.

Note: Never go out in the sun with lemon juice on your skin. Since lemon is an acid, it will cause your skin to burn and actually make the dark spots darker!

Potatoes - If you want to try potatoes, cut a raw one into very thin slices and place on the dark spots you want to lighten for 20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse with cold water. Try this a few times a day and in a matter of weeks, you should see a significant difference.

Nutrition for Beautiful Black Skin
Nutrition for Beautiful Black Skin

Does Nutrition Play a Role in Skin Health and a Flawless Complexion?

You bet it does! While whipping up homemade remedies will work wonders for your skin, what you put into your body is important as what you uses topically. Make sure you’re getting lots of vitamin C. Do this by drinking your orange juice in the morning and by consuming lots of fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C. Oranges, grapefruit, spinach, and tomatoes are foods for health and beauty.

A morning green drink with kale, spinach, cucumbers, ginger and apples is a great way to start your day. You've got your Vitamin C in the spinach and kale and in juice form it will go straight into your blood stream. While some nutritionist will tell you not to mix vegetables with fruit, for a lot of you, it adds a little sweetness and gives it a much better taste.

Bring the beauty of kale, spinach and cucumbers into lunch time, add an avocado, and you've got yourself a delicious salad for beautiful black skin.

Note: If you find you can’t get enough vitamin C through food, take a supplement between 500 – 1,000 milligrams daily.

Remember …

A natural and holistic approach to skin care is always a safer way to beautiful skin. As women of color, it's the best route for you to take. Your skin is super sensitive, so the more gentle the product and its ingredients, the better your skin will look.

As Always ...

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,


Nyraju Skin Care


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      this has help me with my spot 3 years ago


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      teju 4 years ago

      I"ve very black skin,i really feel a lot,my parents are also not helping;GOD PLEASE HELP ME TO WHITEN MY SKIN

    • profile image

      Layh 5 years ago

      All of you are stupid.

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      Lil'q 5 years ago

      I hope this works I want my bright skin back


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      Viv 5 years ago

      Love your skin, that will make your skin lighter

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      Ryta 5 years ago

      wow thanks who says lemon doesn't work on black skin?it works wonders,i mean lemon juice and egg white

    • profile image

      nichole 6 years ago

      Hi girls the lemon juice really does make a difference because i have a tan and im seein differences in weeks. Im doin lemon juice out of the bottle twice a burns nd stings a lil but yo skin will get used to "it

      But if ur naturaly dark it will not wrk

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      Lala 7 years ago

      oh thank goodness because i am reallyyyy dark and this will help me

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      sabrina 7 years ago

      thank you im going to try this

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      hannah 7 years ago

      thank you so much, this has really been helpful to me (:

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      anu 8 years ago

      thankx.. i will try and come up with the results..:P