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Blackheads Removal Made Easy

Updated on May 15, 2015

Children, have soft flawless skin, free of blemishes. As we hit puberty, the human body goes through tremendous hormonal changes, which result in secretion of sebum (natural oil produced by the body), especially in and around the face. Excess secretion of sebum clogs pores that leads to blackheads. Blackheads, turn into acne.

For a lucky few, these problems disappear after their hormones stabilize. However, for many, sebum secretion continues leading to formation of blackeads long after they enter adulthood. Finding the best blackhead remover to combat this problem becomes extremely important.

Blackheads: What are they?

Blackheads are a form of comedo, which is basically a wide pore or hair follicle filled with dead skin, sebum and bacteria. A closed comedo is called a whitehead and an open comedo is called a blackhead. If left unchecked, a blackhead can develop into a pimple or cause painful acne.

Why do Blackheads form?

Oily skin is the main reason for blackheads. Oil blocks the pores and attracts dirt and grime to the skin, which, if not cleaned properly and regularly, can lead to clogged pores. Bacteria can thrive in these pores, which lead to the formation of ugly blackheads or whiteheads.

Picking or scratching at blackheads without proper care can only make them worse, as it helps in spreading bacteria to other parts of the face. Also, touching the face too often can lead to more transmission of tiny particles, which can clog pores.

How to Deal With Blackheads?

Blackheads can be removed by picking or squeezing with a plain tissue. However, this method is not recommended as it can cause undue irritation to the blackhead and worsen the condition. A more effective method is to use the various tools and removers available for this purpose.

There are three basic types of blackhead removers available in the market. The choice of the best blackhead remover is subjective, it depends on the user. It is crucial to find the removal method which suits you the best.

Pore care is essential
Pore care is essential

Strips or Masks: Strips are sticky pieces of paper which are customized to remove blackheads from your nose. Strips are the most effective way of removing blackheads.

To use a blackhead strip wash and pat dry your face, stick a strip over the affected area and let it be for some time, as stipulated by the product. After that, remove the strip. The blackheads should come out along with it. A mask is similar to a strip; only, it can be applied to the entire face. After applying evenly, gently peel off the mask to leave your skin blackhead and pimple free.

Tweezers or Other Tools: Before using tweezers or other tools to pick out blackheads, it is important to steam your face properly. This softens your skin and makes it supple, which aids in faster and more efficient blackhead removal. Prior to using these tools, it is prudent to read the given instructions carefully, as improper usage can lead to infections. There are two broad types of tools which are found in the market today, tweezers or similar products and mechanized rotating brushes. Often, these tools are sold as a combo pack, guaranteed to take care of all your face cleaning needs.

Weekly facial scrub prevents blackheads
Weekly facial scrub prevents blackheads

Face Scrubs or Proper Face Wash: Often, a gentle massage by an exfoliating face scrub is enough to remove blackheads. A face scrub removes dead skin, leaving your face soft and fresh. There are certain face scrubs in the market which specialize in blackhead removal. Also, regularly using a face scrub and an oil control face wash not only removes blackheads but lessens the chance of a relapse.


Blackheads and acne are an ugly part of our lives and can have far reaching effects, not just on our general health but also, on the way we perceive ourselves. Having excessive blackheads makes us sensitive to our appearance and often leads to lack of confidence and other personality issues. Taking effective steps to remove blackheads and to prevent their reoccurrence will help us have a healthy skin and consequently, a healthy image of ourselves.


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