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Blue Topaz Information,

Updated on January 3, 2014

Electric Blue Topaz: Swiss Blue Topaz

Electric Blue Topaz Stones
Electric Blue Topaz Stones

What is Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is a very popular topaz stone, although it is not always naturally formed, in fact it is quite rare from the nature occurring. Like a few other topaz colors, blue topaz begins its life as an almost colorless or pale topaz crystal, it is then treated with different methods to turn it into different shades of blue. It is normally treated with irradiation to change to desired blue, and stabilized with heat after that. This may include neutron bombardment, that makes a green-gray London blue, or the commoner sky blue made from neutron bombardment in a linear accelerator. Surprisingly, the cooling and settling of this process may take up to months. Using these two methods with both neutrons and electrons, a rare electric blue is formed and it is given the name Swiss blue.

Although rare, natural blue topaz colored by radiation from radioactive materials in the ground during millions of years is also found in some cases. This natural color is a pale light blue that is generally not given much attention.

Natural Blue Topaz Cost No More Than Treated Blue Topaz

The natural colorless topaz is sold for about $8 per carat. Diffusion coatings on natural blue topaz were done to make mystic topaz, a topaz with a rare rainbow color. However, this treatment is not permanent, since the thin layer may easily be scratched if without good care. Blue topaz is a beautiful but inexpensive gem. They are worn mainly for rings and necklaces, but can have purposes for many other types of jewelry. They are the most common of all topaz. They can be found at $25 per carat. in retail prices, and larger ones cost only slightly more. Natural blue topaz colored by radiation from radioactive materials in the ground during millions of years is also found in some cases. This natural color is a pale light blue that is generally not given much attention. Although rare, the huge production of the treated stone has brought its value down for the past centuries, so they are not prized any more than unnatural stones. The hardness of any topaz is exactly 8, and prices are decided upon quality. Those made from better machines, usually turn out better.

Colorless and light-blue varieties of topaz are found in Precambrian granite in Mason County, Texas within the Llano Uplift. There is no commercial mining of topaz in that area.

London Blue Topaz & Swiss Blue Topaz with Diamond Ring
London Blue Topaz & Swiss Blue Topaz with Diamond Ring

Meaning of Blue Topaz

The history of the blue topaz meaning is unspecified. A few common "effects" from blue topaz is making someone with greed more humble, and to avoid future accidental events that lead to poor health. Also, one said (acording to ledgend), that if a wearer had a serious issue, the stone would make that person invisible. Blue topaz is the modern version of the December birthstone. They are great gift ideas, because when given to one's partner, that person will have more faithfulness and love. Overall, blue topaz has many different beliefs, although they are best in healing and purity.

London Blue Topaz Stones
London Blue Topaz Stones
Sky Blue Topaz with Black Sapphire Ring
Sky Blue Topaz with Black Sapphire Ring

Blue Topaz: Healing Properties

Blue topaz has many different healing properties. They were said to cure mental illnesses best, but if that should happen, it should be worn around the neck only. People suffering from insomnia, or being obsessed with sex, could be relieved by wearing this stone. Because of such believed healing properties, blue topaz was very popular in the past.

Care for Blue Topaz

All topaz stones are numbered 8 on the hardness scale, so they are hard to break. Blue topaz were recently qualified as the least valuable topaz stone, but they are still the most popular. The most popular color is the pure robin egg blue, which is most vulnerable to scratches. In order to check for cracks or unevenness, check the surface of the stone under both natural and incandescent light. Inclusions will show easily since the stone is so light in color. Sometimes, jewelry dealers try passing off quartz as blue topaz, so they should be checked. Blue topaz has a perfect cleavage, so you should avoid sharp blows on the stone, to keep it from splitting perfectly along the cleavage line. Also, make sure to keep your blue topaz jewelry away from makeup products and spay, since they smudge and become dirty easily, and take them off before doing physical work. When washing blue topaz jewelry, use a GENTLE dish-washing liquid and let it soak in for a while, but no more than 25 minutes. Then they should be scrubbed clean with a rough surface like a toothbrush. No matter what, do not expose blue topaz to harmful chemicals, since they may damage the surface.


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