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Boden - All about Boden Ltd - history, jobs, sale, opening hours, stores location and more........

Updated on March 8, 2011

Boden History

Boden is one of the most distinctive and successful UK clothing brands that has emerged within the UK over the last couple of decades.

Like similar UK companies such as White Stuff and Fat Face, Boden started from small and humble beginings and now provides clothing for the affluent upper-middle classes.

Based in London, Boden was founded in 1991 by entrepreneur Johnnie Boden.

Initially, Boden was a menswear company, selling just eight products, but within a year, a range of womenswear was launched and was available through a mailorder catalogue.

Due to it's distictive style, Boden proved an instant hit.

Whilst the clothes are quite classic and ladylike in style, they come in bright cheerful colours and loud prints. It was the ultimate Yummy Mummy Brand in the noughties.

Boden has expanded it's business in various directions, either through developing new product lines, opening stores in the UK, launching new web-sites or expanding into overseas markets.

The first of these expansions took place in 1996, with the launch of a children's range (Mini Boden), the launch of it's UK website and the opening of two UK shops, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey (2004) and Hanger Lane, London (2007).

The company has a large warehouse in Leicester to service the UK website, which ships on average 12,500 parcels per day.

Boden's new product lines included "Baby Boden" (2007) and a Teen range called "Johnnie B" ( 2010)

Boden has also successfully expanded into overseas markets such as America in 2002, with the launch of it's American website. Boden has a call-centre and warehouse in Pittston, Philladelphia to service the US website which generates 30% of the companies total annual sales.

In 2007, Boden expanded into other European markets, the first being Germany in 2007 with the launch of it's Geman website, and Austria.

Currently, Boden products are only available direct from the company. As of now, It doesn't operate a wholesale division selling to independent shops.

Boden Stores Location

Boden operates mainly as a catalogue and internet based retailer, but does have a few stores in the UK, which are located in Walton-on-Thames and Hanger Lane, both in London.

Boden Sale

Like most fashion retailers, Boden holds four sales a year. The two main ones are the Winter and Summer sales which typically start within a few days after Christmas and towards the end of the summer. There are also two mid-season sales, which are smaller and these are usually held in the Spring and Autumn.

Boden Jobs

Boden currently employs over 800 members of staff. If you are interested in a career in fashion and retail, Boden is able to offer a lot of opportunities, from jobs in store ranging from Sales Assistants to Managers, to jobs at their Head Office, their Leicester based Warehouse and Distribution Centres and Mail Order Customer Service Centre. Boden is a rapidly growing company and employees are able to progress quickly within the company if they wish to.

Boden Finances

In the summer of 2007, with more than a million regular customers, Boden announced a 60% rise in profits as its sales increased by 25% to £128.5m.

Are you a Boden fan?

Boden is very lucky in that it has a large fan base of over one million loyal customers and the numbers are growing. If you are a fan of Boden, I hope you have enjoyed reading my article and learning a little about the company.

I have taken a look at products available on, which are similar in style to those sold by Boden . So if you are a Boden fan, please take a look at the items I have selected. I hope you like them.

If there are any that you are interested in, simply click on an item and you will be taken straight through to Amazon's website where you can view further details and make a purchase if you wish.


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