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Body Exfoliator

Updated on January 23, 2016

Best Body Exfoliation


How to use Body Exfoliator

It is a known fact that body exfoliator is essential for a soft glowing skin but do you know what exfoliation is and what is the right process to exfoliate your skin? Let’s have a sneak peek to the term first.

According to a dictionary, exfoliation means “to remove the surface of in scales”. The word is derived from the Latin word “exfoliates” means to strip. In a broad meaning, it can be said the process of removing the dead skin from our body to get the flawless, radiating skin is called the exfoliation. The process is not new as from ancient times, our ancestor used to exfoliate their skins through homemade exfoliators. In a modern era, we use mostly two techniques to exfoliate our body.

1. Mechanical process

2. Chemical process

Although both the techniques are almost the same, still because of the materials used in both the techniques are different, the process also has the different tags.

Mechanical Process:

This is the very easy process and we tend to do it every day without knowing that the process is called exfoliating. The steps of the process include:

  • Soak your whole body with fresh water
  • Rinse the Baiden Mitten and wring it out really well.
  • Scrub your whole body slowly with the mitten up and down or sideways pushing it against your skin firmly.
  • You should see the dead skin rolls coming off.
  • Once you are done rinse your body with warm or fresh water and enjoy your completely new, fresh skin.

Here is a video clip you can watch the process: ( I want to warn you, it is gross!)

Body Exfoliator

Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation:

Chemical exfoliators mainly contain Alpha and Beta hydroxy acid. The effect of using chemical exfoliates are longer than its mechanical counterpart still as every skin is different, you must choose chemical exfoliators available in the market as per your skin type. To have knowledge of your skin and use exfoliators accordingly can save you from the problems aftermath. The steps of the Chemical exfoliation of the body include:

  • Choose your exfoliator cautiously.
  • Apply a good body wash all over your body before some minutes of bath and gently massage or rub it to your entire body. This helps to peel off the dead skin from your body.
  • Wash your body with either warm or fresh water as per your convenient. This helps to open the pores of your body.
  • Take a small amount of exfoliator in your hand and start rubbing all over your body from ankle to an upward direction in circular motion. Take your time and message all over your body. You also can loofah to help you in the process.
  • Rinse your body properly and pat your skin with a soft towel.
  • Apply a gentle moisturizer all over your body. Give proper care to your face.

Mechanical exfoliation with the Baiden Mitten is considerably less expensive and risky. The solution for body exfoliation is can be different for everyone depending on your skin type.

However once the exfoliation is complete you will feel light and fresh! Now a new diva is waiting for you in front of the mirror to tell you that you are glowing and looking stunning with your new flawless skin!


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