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Body Modification: Fad, Trend, or Here To Stay?

Updated on February 20, 2008

Body Modification

Body modifications are far and varied. You have tattoos, piercings, scarification, and branding, but you also have tanning, hair dye, and plastic surgery. As a whole these modifications are very different and unique. One belly button piercing is not going to be exactly, pin- point on, to another. These modifications make people feel different and unique. Are they here to stay?

I think so. Think about it. Tattoos, piercings, brandings, scarifications have been practiced for years- all the way back to primitive tribes. Today, these methods and procedures are much more sterile and safe, and the techniques have improved. Overall, the ideas are still there.

We still use tribal influenced tattoos in today's society, so why would the practices disappear?

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PiercingsTattooHair Dye
Hair Dye
Hair Dye

Fad or Trend

A fad, by definition is temporary fashion. Fads only last for short periods of time, and usually differ per groups of people. For example, not everyone ran out and bought Burkenstocks when they first made it big; although, now the slip- on shoes are still worn around town, their not a "must have" anymore.

A trend, by definition is more a long the lines of a general inclination towards something. Well, that may not be the best way to describe the word, but basically, it means to follow what is "hip." Trends, from my understanding, tend to be a little more long term than short term fads.

But, body modifications don't really fall into either of those categories. Yes, people will go out and get a tongue piercing or a tramp stamp because that's what all their friends are doing, but that's in that one clique. To be a fad, it would have to be popular in the entire prep, goth, jock, geek, or some other group of people, versus a clique of maybe 10.

I, personally, think that body modifications are here to stay, long term. It's not necessarily a style, but it's a part of fashion. People dye their hair as fashion- changing the tones with the weather and season. People tan during the cooler months when sun bathing isn't necessarily an option. We all do it to some degree. It seems to be a part of human nature.


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    • Whitney05 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Georgia

      yes the first thre pictures are me. The one with the purple/red hair is so old. lol. I appreciate the complement. Thanks!

    • tulwave profile image


      10 years ago from Orlando,Fl

      are those 3 pictures of you? If so, you have very good style. I like it. I'm a gossip columnest for entertainment sites. I get all the paparazzi photos streamed accross my screen. I get to look at "style" all day and you got it.

    • Whitney05 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Georgia

      quotations- anything that includes modifying or changing the body is considered a body modification. Yes, braces can be considered a modification.

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 

      10 years ago from Canada

      I found it interesting that you included tanning, hair dye, and plastic surgery under "body modification". I wouldn't have thought of coloring one's hair or tanning as body modification because they are not very permanent, but I see your point. I guess everyone engages in some form of modification. You could even include getting braces to straighten or modify the teeth, in that category.


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