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Body Modifications: Piercings, Tattoos, and More

Updated on May 9, 2011
Whitney05 profile image

Whitney is an expert on piercings and tattoos, with experience in the body modification world.

Body Modifications

Body modifications have flourished throughout the history of mankind. Ancient tribes of all sorts of cultures use body modification to depict coming of age, wars, and just about any ceremony or ritual.

It's not uncommon to see pictures of tribe's women, men, and children, with piercings, tattoos, or scars. These modifications tell a story and depict an important part of their culture.

Even today, body modifications can have a strong meaning or symbolic representation, but it may not be as noticeable as the original tribal tattoos that depicted family heritage and tribal hierarchy.

Body modifications include anything that modifies your body, whether that's tanning, hair dye, plastic surgery, or tattoos, body piercings, and other permanent to semi- permanent modifications.

Check out some of the common body modifications > HERE

Body Piercings

Body piercings are one of the most common forms of body modifications. Many people choose piercings over tattoos because where tattoos are permanent, piercings can be as temporary or permanent as you want them to be... Well, for the most part.

There are so many different types of ear piercings and styles of ear piercing jewelry. Find out basic Do's and Don'ts for healing ear piercings, information about piercing guns versus piercing needles, and stretching piercings.

Belly button piercings are probably one of the more common piercings amongst females. Any piercing around the navel is considered a belly button, or navel piercing. Find out the different types of navel piercings, healing tips, and jewelry for belly button piercings.

Facial piercings are wide and varied. The most common facial piercings include nose piercings, lip piercings, and eyebrow piercings. Find out the healing expectant times, healing tips, and other information about facial piercings.

One of the newest and more complicated body piercings, surface piercings have a high rejection rate. They are often not only pierced incorrectly, but they are often pierced with incorrect jewelry.


Besides body piercings, tattoos are probably the most common form of body modification. They can be both attractive and symbolic.

But, I've found that on many forums, the main two questions when regards to tattoos is 1) how much does it hurt and 2) how much is it going to cost.

Well, the pain is going to depend on your pain tolerance, so where it may be excruciating to one person, you may barely feel it. Plus, the placement of the tattoo will typically determine the average pain.

As for the price of a tattoo, there are many factors that are involved.


Scarification may seem like a new trend, but in reality, it's an old, tribal tradition.

If you decide that you like the look and appearance of scarification, you'll want to make sure to go to a reputable tattoo shop who can provide you with excellent care and service.

Scarification is not a do-it-yourself project for a rainy afternoon; you an risk infection and severe irritation if you don't know what you are doing.

Make sure that you understand the proper healing techniques and scarring aftercare.


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    • loveofnight profile image


      8 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      very thorough indeed, i had at one point thought of scarification but i don't think that i could deal with the pain.thx 4 share

    • profile image

      Abhijit Banerjee 

      10 years ago

      WOW, so thorough and well researched, yel so fluid. Simply loved reading it



    • Bob Ewing profile image

      Bob Ewing 

      10 years ago from New Brunswick

      I have two tattoos and am considering a third, good detailed info here, thanks.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Wow Whitney - you are so thorough in your articles. I remain undecorated except for a mole or two, but you have made me appreciate the art a wee bit more. Thanks for all your great research and passion for writing.


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