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Boob Job - Pre and Post Operation the first week.

Updated on April 7, 2014

April 1st 2014.

So as I type this I am sitting in Dr.Szalay office waiting for the girl before me to finish her breast augmentation. I sit here shaking like a leaf both nervous and excited of the procedure to come.

The operation is over and as expected everything went to plan. I remember looking at the nurses face and then waking up putting on this really tight surgical compression garment. My partner walks into the room where I lay with pink flowers. I reply "How Cute." Next thing I know is I'm given a cup full of water and orange cordial followed by a second cup of plain cold water. I drink these fairly quickly and ask the nurse if I can go to the toilet. The nurse pumps the drip into my veins and takes it out and helps me walk to the bathroom. Soon after finishing i walk back into the surgery where the doctor gives me the all clear to go home.

So far all I feel is a little bit dizzy and tight around the chest. The nurses said that they wernt expecting me to be so 'bouncy' after the surgery and that I was one of the best cases they have seen. On the way home from the procedure I turn to my partner and ask if we could go to McDonald's to get nuggets and coffee after all I havnt eaten or drank anything for the past 12 hours.


Day one - post op.

Since yesterday all I have really been doing is sleeping and watching movies. Today I start taking my antibiotics and return to the surgery to have my first post op appointment. At the appointment the nurses show me how to change my dressings where the incisions are using bactroban ointment, beta-dine, cotton wool, paper tape and gauze pads. The nurses also give me two horribly painful antibiotic injections in my bottom. Dr.Szalay rushes in to see my results and gives the all clear and sends me on my way home. I have also been given strict instructions to take my antibiotics 4 times a day and pain killers every 6 hours, changing the dressings twice daily to prevent infection.

Day two - post op.

Ouchh, sleeping has become my absolute worst nightmare. Using four pillows to prop me up so i am elevated and the pain is much less. My chest muscles have been extremely tight and it feels like there are two bowling balls strapped to my chest. My incision sights *See Beside* are healing well but are extremely itchy which is a good sign I guess. I guess I should also mention the size of my stomach. At the moment it looks like I am 6 months pregnant. The swelling has moved down into my tummy to the doctor said this is completely normal and should return to pre-surgery size within a week or two.


Day three - post op.

Wooohooo no more pain pills. I decided to stop taking my pain killers today and honestly I feel no pain at all. The swelling has started to deflate and I am finding myself able to do everyday tasks again. I am considering having a shower today as I feel so yucky and gross. Sponge bathing just isn't the same as a nice warm shower. I washed my compression bra today, it tock roughly an hour to dry so I went braless for an hour. I have to say that my boobs are that ust to the bra that it feels really sore and odd without it on. I can now fully put my arms above my head without any pain. Sleeping last night was still a drama with the itching of my incisions keeping me up most of the night. Check in tomorrow ladies.

Day Four - Post Op.

Wooohooo The boobies are finally becoming pain-free. I can do my everyday activities normally and don't require any help or assistance by others. I am feeling my freedom coming back to me. I have also finally had my first shower yuck I couldn't stand another day without one. My incisions are slowly improving with the redness now fading.

At the end of my incision line there is a tiny hole with one small white sticking out stich. I was totally confused by what it was until my wonderful partner decided that he would try to pull it out. OUUCH boy did that hurt, the stich luckily didn't come out and all was fine. I am going to ask my plastic surgeon what it was and why it is there - since it is completely away from the incision line itself.

Day Five - Post Op.

Its Saturday night and I am really craving an alcoholic beverage. My plastic surgeon however told me to refrain from alcohol and passive smoke for a week after the surgery this is hard as I have always had a glass of wine on Saturday. Instead I sit here and type away sipping a peach and mango iced tea, yum yum.

I must mention that I had quit smoking four weeks prior to my surgery and today marks exactly one month smoke free *YAY* It is now easier to breath and finally my hair is smelling so much nicer. This breast augmentation really gave me the push to quit smoking and all my friends, family and work colleagues ask the question "Will I go back to being a smoker once my breast augmentation surgery is over?" The answer: No Way. I refuse to look back at the first 72hours and have to go through the withdrawals. My best advice to anyone is you have to quit one day why not make it today. You can all read more about how I quit and my quitting journey on my other hubpage :).

Day Six - Post Op.

I have finally reached day six - this week I have really noticed the effects of sleeping on my back. I was once a dedicated side sleeper until my breast augmentation and boy I can't wait to be 8weeks post op and able to sleep on my side again. I have found that I awake several times during the night and have to remind myself not to turn over. I have four normal pillows propping me up as I sleep. One in a vertical position, One in a horizontal position and the other two next to my arms to prevent me from rolling over. I also have a funky body shape or U shape pillow to support my head on the headboard just in case :)

One Week - Post Op

It has finally come to my one week post operation blog. Finally! I am so excited and happy to say that I am 110% Pain Free. My incisions tend to sometimes become a bit itchy and today I have noticed a blue vain. My Incision sights arnt 100% healed and still require the twice a day regime of bactroban, gauze pads, bedadine and taping. I still have really quick showers literally in and out. My laying on my back is still consistent and the constant wearing of the supportive surgical bra.

Today I did go out and buy two kmart branded sports bras in size Medium. The fit and are so much more loose and comfortable then the surgical bra, however I only plan to wear these sports bras when my surgical bra is in for a wash. I am so excited to see the next few weeks and my boobie changes :)

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