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Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secrets Book Review

Updated on January 29, 2015

Isn’t it amazing that we all keep on looking for tips and tricks to get beautiful, yet call them “the beauty secrets”? We all want to look beautiful at any given time, irrespective of what stage of life we are in. We feel it to be necessary to follow all the guidelines and tips we have been getting from everywhere - right from our grandma to the friends, make-up experts, beauty blogs and what not.

With such a plethora of information available everywhere, the editors of cosmopolitan magazine thought of making women’s lives much easier by compiling a Holy Grail list of solutions to any and all beauty problems. I happened to get a hold of this book sometime back. The book has catchy images and nice notes so that you can remember the advice well. I really loved the contents for its perfect and precise information. The editors have done a great job in blending together many tips easily and meticulously, to give the most perfect, usable and practical solution for your beauty problems. The book claims to give you everything that can help you bring forth your inherent sexiness in every sphere of your looks.

What is a Sexy Beauty?

The Book starts with defining what a sexy beauty is, followed by the secrets of getting gorgeous skin, a flawless face, mesmerizing eyes, alluring lips, amazing hair, a sexy body, seductive scent, perfect nails, spoiling yourself spa-style and lastly – the bonus secrets about what guys love (and hate) about your beauty habits!!

A woman is said to be sexily beautiful if she is appealing and intoxicating, and who looks the most sensuous in her own unique way. Obviously the most deciding factors would be her good health, good hair, silky and glowing skin that beckons to be touched; full and perfect lips that can invite a man from a distance and those sultry, smoky eyes that can bewitch anyone in a single glance.

When you feel sexily beautiful, you get self-confidence from within, which in turn accentuates your self-esteem and facilitates you in growing more beautiful and bold in the way you look and feel about yourself. For instance, you may start with nude lipstick shades and with time as you start getting confidence in your looks, you may start sporting those red hot lips or a new hairstyle without feeling conscious about what others would think or say about you.

Okay, so here are few tips for getting the flawless skin, from the book. I am just enlisting a few here. If you like them and really think that they are beneficial, you can buy the book from amazon.

Gorgeous and Flawless Skin:

Have you ever noticed the times when your skin looks most radiant and naturally beautiful? It is especially after gymming or cardio exercises, facial and post sex. Other times you need to work on the skin to make it look moisturized, shiny and beautiful. This particular section in the book starts with helping you define your skin type – whether it is dry, oily, combination or normal, followed by the following three ways to get the maximum out of your moisturizer

- Whenever you are applying a cream, always make it sure that you apply it within the first three minutes of your washing the face, so that the skin’s moisture gets sealed in.

- Always massage the cream in, for at least 15 seconds to enhance the circulation and let the lotion penetrate as far into your skin as possible.

- Always keep your cream or lotion properly and tightly closed to prevent oxidation. This way many ingredients of your cream won’t go wasted.

Quantity of any product you need for daily routine:

- Cleanser: Half a teaspoon for face and neck

- Day cream: Inch-round dollop to cover your face and neck

- Night cream: Since they are more concentrated, use a little lesser than the day cream quantity.

Exfoliating tips:

For Oily Skin:

Any every-day exfoliating face wash is enough. But, apart from that you can also use an at-home microdermabrasion kit – which is more effective method of physical scrubbing. Use salt or aluminum crystals once a week that will diminish your acne scars and large pores.

For Normal to dry skin:

Use synthetic balls for scrubbing and avoid microdermabrasion at all costs. You can also use alpha-hydroxy based peel once a week.

Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Looking Gorgeous

Sunscreen advice:

- Apply the lotion all over the body 15-30 minutes before going out.

- Apply a thin coat only as you are applying yourself a lotion and not placing an icing on a cup cake.

- Reapply every 2 hours

How to get rid of a zit?

Despite your regular and religious skin care routine, even if you get a pimple, here is what you can do to hide it. Dab some toner over it to get rid of the excess oil, then wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and dab it over the zit to cool and flatten it. Don’t keep it for too long. Apply a concealer or spot treatment cream.

Did you find the tips useful? The book has got some really amazing and usually unknown tips related to getting more beautiful and sexy.

Feeling sexily beautiful not only improves your personality but also makes the fashion trends follow you, instead of you following them!!


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great book, I thought it was interesting to see they recommend how much product to use. I may have to get this!


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