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Born Pretty Store Review: Sweet Color Nail Polish #223

Updated on September 23, 2012

I was recently sent a package from BPS with two items in it and one was the red Sweet Color Nail Polish from the Lolita range. My first thoughts were that this was the reddest nail polish I’ve ever owned, but promised myself I’d keep an open mind. The CSR I’ve been corresponding with chose the items for me, and overall, I’d say both items were a brilliant choice.


The polish is an intense and bold red, so this is definitely not a polish for the faint of heart. This brand doesn’t name its polishes but instead gives it an identifying number. This one was number 223. It’s surprising that such a bold red is included in the range because most of the other polishes seem to be in pastel or candy colors. It’s the brightest color out of the lot, but I have to say, it’s grown on me! It makes a statement, but it’s still feminine and looks stunning on both long and short nails.


Consistency and Coverage

The polish seems like a hybrid between a crème and jelly, because it’s almost opaque but not quite. I quite like consistency of it because you don’t need three or more layers to get decent coverage. I applied two generous layers and it turned out that was all I needed to get a gorgeous end result, so that’s another plus with this polish.


The polish wears well and I get around three days’ wear from it before it starts to chip, so I’m pretty happy about that. I’m sure if I use a more heavy duty base and top coat it’ll go further.


The finish of this polish is incredible. It has a high gloss finish, so you wouldn’t even need to apply top coat to it to get the same effect. The pictures were all taken without top coat, so you can see for yourself just how glossy and ‘juicy’ looking the polish is once it dries.

Overall Verdict

I love this polish and it’s a gorgeous, intense color. Apart from that it applies like a dream, the packaging is really pretty and the brush is long and wide enough for easy application. The bottle also holds 12ml, so you get a decent amount of polish for the price ( $6.14). My experiences with BPS so far have all been very positive and I’m very happy with the items I’ve gotten from there. Shipping is free worldwide and usually doesn’t take longer than around two or three weeks.

If you want to get a bottle of this polish head on over to Born Pretty Store and use my coupon code ATELLW21 to get 5% off the purchase price.


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