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Bow Skirts | From Darling To Deadly

Updated on September 5, 2010

There's something wildly inherently feminine about bows, isn't there? A fashion trend handed down from fairytale times (that's a slightly alternative time line to normal human fashion, but a valid one none the less) a woman with a bow about her person is a woman who is embracing all that it means to be traditionally feminine.

Of course, one could say that the above statement is rather an oversimplification of the role of the bow in modern fashion, but one could say a lot of things and the rest of us aren't necessarily obliged to listen to them. Bows are girly, period, and a bow on a skirt can add a touch of pretty innocence to an otherwise drab or perhaps, saucy, outfit.

In this hub, I will be exploring bows and the role they play in numerous bow skirts. (And when I say numerous, I mean of course, two.) It will be an exciting journey, one that will leave you slightly breathless and ready to skip out the door and show Alice in Wonderland just who is the prettiest of them all.

Gathered Gray Bow Skirt

Now this is what I was talking about when I said that a bow can transform a rather mundane, even frumpy garment into something special. Imagine this skirt for a moment without the trim and the bow. What kind of skirt would it be? I'll tell you what kind of skirt it would be, a drab, lonesome skirt, fit for wearing only by those who had given up on life as a source of joy.

With the bow, this gray skirt is transformed into something whimsical, yet sophisticated. This skirt is available from New Look. They designed it, and they take full responsibility for it.

Deadly Curves Red Bow Skirt

And here, dear fashion friends, is the opposite end of the skirt and bow spectrum. Without the bow, this red skirt would be just another slinky, skin tight number worn by a woman advertising a possible set of dubious morals. As it is, the bow fails somewhat to impart a real innocence to the outfit, however it does create the charming illusion of making the wearer look like a shiny wrapped present.

This skirt is made of non stretch satin, and comes with a skull motif at the center of the bow, just to let those around you know that whilst you may be tottering around in high heels and a skirt that barely lets you move, you will not hesitate to unleash the dogs of war upon them should they prove to be unpleasant to you.

This skirt was made by Deadly Dames, a line of pin up inspired clothing that should quire rightly terrify those who happen to encounter a lady wearing it.


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