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Boys Who Sag... STOP... Please...

Updated on January 29, 2014

Let's All Try to Look Like This Guy... Right? Right?


Seriously, Let's Start Where Sagging Started

First of all, sagging was actually started as a way for inmates in prisons to advertise that they were ready, willing, and available to be penetrated by other inmates. The lower the sag, the more interested/ desperate they were.

Let's think this through, do you really think your sagging prison fashion looks attractive?

It sure does to the inmates looking to penetrate you.

This country has had some major doozies where it comes to fashion but I firmly believe that sagging tops any 80's fashion nightmare we could pull out of the books of fashion nightmares.

As someone who has spent the last year living in a predominantly sagging neighborhood... I can say I am tired of seeing boxers, and I just cannot seem to escape seeing it.

I thought it looked bad when it started and I think it looks bad now, especially since you guys are all but dragging your pants behind you.

Seriously, this is NOT attractive


In My Mind...

When I see a saggy pair of pants it makes me think of several things:

1. You look like you don't know how to dress yourself

2. It's hideous

3. You could not run if you had to

4. My nine year old dresses himself (on his own) better than you do (and he has Autism, you have no excuse)

5. You look like you're always prepared for diarrhea

Is this really what your aim is? Honestly it looks so horrible some towns have started making it a criminal offense to sag your pants. Take a hint and put the waistline where it belongs... in case you were unaware... that is around your waist... thus the term: Waistband

As a woman who can certainly understand appreciating a well put together rear end, I am immediately turned off when the first time I see it... it's all underwear. It looks so bad I cannot stand to look at it.



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